October 18, 2017

Detailed Review Of HTC Vigor – Quitely Brilliant [Specs & Features] [Rumor]

HTC is the name which creates a scene of a fully established company which provides quality, features, style and above all versatility in one thing – phone! HTC is probably growing with an amazing speed in India thanks to the quality phones which it produces.

HTC is a foreign company which has too much influence on the youth of today’s India. HTC is sometimes even placed besides Apple in India. HTC phones are gaining lots of popularity in the market and to make HTC phones more popular, HTC has rumored the launch of its phone – HTC Vigor.

HTC Vigor is not officially announced but it’s too much attractive and the thing which makes it attractive are its feature which are discussed below –


HTC Vigor

Operating System

OS of any phone plays an important role when we talk about the apps which a phone is going to have. OS of all the phones nowadays is Android v2.3 (Gingerbread) and it seems that every smart phone will have this Android v2.3. Same is HTC Vigor, it is powered by Android v2.3 which indeed is a powerful OS.

Processor and Performance

Processor’s main function is to power the phone by its clock speed and the more the clock speed of a phone is the more power it’s going to hold and hence will work faster. Processor of HTC Vigor is a super powerful processor, the most powerful I have ever reviewed. HTC Vigor is powered with a super solid 1.5GHz dual core processor. This is just too much for a small phone.

Camera and Video

Cameras are the need of today’s youth and the phones are providing them up with cameras. Cameras which not only click photos but also shoot HD quality videos. Camera of HTC Vigor is a super powerful camera of 8MP resolution and to create more impression they have studded features like autofocus and dual-LED flash. You can also shoot videos with this super amazing phone and that too of full HD quality i.e. 1080p and that too with the speed of 30fps.

Storage Capacity

Storage capacity is something which gets overlooked by everyone who is using a smartphone but they regret when they run out of it and feel really upset because they get unable to store the data which is costless, like photos of family. Storage capacity of nowadays smartphones is huge some phones even have the storage capacity of 64GB! HTC Vigor is having the huge space of 32GB expandable which is quite large for general use.


The phone is not announced and so is its price but it is being expected that this phone will be priced quite high as it has feature which even lack in the phone of Rs.30,000. HTC Vigor is expected to be priced at Rs.35,000 or $780. The price expected is quite high but I don’t think it is a huge amount in comparison to its feature which are priceless, perhaps.

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