September 26, 2017

Full Phone Review of Motorola Defy + (Plus) : Price and Specs

Motorola which was believed to be dead has shaken its hand by launching a whole new and a sensational phone in the market, and it’s no other than the Motorola Defy+. Motorola the brand which used to rule the market of mobiles now stands nowhere, not even in top 5! Motorola is expected to be soon overtaken by our God – Google at the whooping cost of $12.5 Billion.This cost is something really high.

Motorola has launched this phone being an independent company so it’s expected to be the last phone as soon Google will take over. The features of this phone are good too; the design is sizzling too, indeed. The features of Motorola Defy+ go like this –


Motorola Defy + (Plus)

Operating System

OS is something which everyone ignores and what they do at last is repent. OS of every phone is important. Big Samsung’s phone are considered the best as of now when it comes to OS as Samsung is leading smartphone producer in India. OS Motorola Defy+ is Android v2.3 (Gingerbread). Android v2.3 is also the OS of big Samsung’s phone.

Processor and Performance

Processor of a phone defines the speed which a phone is going to have. Processors of phones which are produced nowadays are so powerful that they can even be used to power up a laptop and powering laptop with a phone is a big deal. Processor of Motorola Defy+ is a 1 GHz TI OMAP 3620 processor which is enough to power a phone and believe me it going to give you amazing speed.

Storage and Capacity

Storage of phones depends upon several factors which also include processor speed. Processor speed of Motorola Defy+ is really high so it’s quite obvious that it’s going to have a good memory. Storage capacity of Motorola Defy+ is expandable 32GB via microSD card while the internal memory of Motorola Defy+ is 2GB . RAM of Motorola Defy+ is 512 MB.

Camera and Photography

Cameras of smartphones are nowadays of comparison to that of digital camera. Cameras of smartphones which are produced nowadays is too powerful that you will not even need a digital camera, why would a person need a digital camera if its mobile camera can give every detail.

Motorola Defy+ is powered with a 5MP camera with features like autofocus and LED flash. There is no secondary camera. We can even record videos of unknown quality but the thing which we know is the speed and its 30fps.

Price on Pocket

Price is something which everyone needs to know. Price of phones which are being created nowadays is totally out of the reach of a common man. Inflation can be blamed for this.  Price of phones of Motorola is generally low, that’s what experts say. Motorola Defy+’s price is although not released but it’s expected to follow the Motorola pattern too.

The expected price of Motorola Defy+ is something around $645.

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  1. Hello Arjun

    do you know if this phone is available in India? where can i get this phone?

  2. its available on infibeam india.

  3. Ehh, this is most certainly NOT a “full phone review”.. This is reading the specification list of the phone and making some comments about it..

  4. The price announced is just $360, a very nice phone for those who are ok without front-facing camera.

  5. In one point I liked the Motorola Defy Plus due to water resistant and dust proof feature. Compare to price tag I can say this is good phone for small business users.

  6. Bholeswar Pattanaik says:

    This is a very good phone from every angle except the front camera but i dont understand this is getting very heat when it is going to acess the internet from mobile network if it is then, Why ?????

  7. “Cameras of smartphones are nowadays of comparison to that of digital camera. ”
    Wow, are you serious? Is that a statement made with any concrete data gathered by you?

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