May 25, 2017

Apple Filed Case Against Samsung : Ban All Galaxy Products in Europe

The fight between the smartphone manufacturing giants “Apple” and “Samsung” is not showing any indications of getting over. Recently Samsung has tried to regain the selling of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Netherlands, but Apple is unhappy with it.

Now Apple has filed another case against Samsung which is for “Complete ban of all Samsung’s Galaxy range of smartphones and tablets in Europe”. Whereas Europe is one of the most profitable and huge sale market for Samsung and if the ban gets approved than it will lead to huge loss for Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Products

Apple has filed complaint against Samsung in “The Hague district court” in Holland. It has been said that, according to case, Apple would like to ban sale, import and require stock of Galaxy Ace, Galaxy S, SII, Galaxy Tab 7 and Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Even these handsets names i.e. Samsung Gio, Nexus S, Europa, Apollo and Mini are also being mentioned at the end of the Apple’s complaint note.

Apple Says Samsung

Apple demands that Samsung and its subsidiaries send a “letter of request” to all their European clients to recall all infringing products from stock “within 14 days” and offer compensation of the purchase price as well as transport costs.

Apple demands that Samsung’s letter should include a statement saying that if clients don’t comply, that they themselves violate Apple’s intellectual property rights.

The decision on this case will be announced on September 15, with any injunctions taking effect on or after October 13.


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  1. gr8 news. it wld be major setback fr samsung,

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