September 24, 2017

HTC ChaCha Vs Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 – Detailed Comparison

HTC and Blackberry, both are growing companies. HTC has got more teenage support on its side while Blackberry has got the support of intellect sort of people. Both are the budding companies in India and both are budding really fast, harvest season is near! Blackberry has just launched a phone named as Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 and it’s something which is being waited by everyone.

The features of this phone are too much for a phone of this much small size. On the other hand HTC in June launched a phone named as HTC ChaCha and this phone is doing great in the Indian phone market. It has got many eyeballs towards itself. Now, let us see what does both of these both phones do when they face each other in a head on.


HTC ChaCha vs Blackberry Bold Touch 9900

Operating System

OS of a phone is the bottom line. OS of a phone decides almost everything. OS defines the type of images, text files etc you are going to use. The OS of Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 is BlackBerry OS 7.0 which is used in phones of Blackberry, only. On the other side, HTC ChaCha is powered by a OS which is the favorite one of all of us – Android v2.3 (GingerBread). HTC ChaCha is on better side as its’ OS has got the power of popularity.

Winner – HTC ChaCha

Processor and Performance

Processor is another integral part of a smartphone and likewise OS this is also very important. Processor defines the speed with which your phone is going to work. Processor can also be called the skeleton of a smartphone. Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 is powered by a super powerful 1.2 GHz QC 8655 processor. On the other hand HTC ChaCha is powered by a small but powerful 800 MHz processor. The giant always win the boxing match.

Winner – Blackberry Bold Touch 9900

Storage and Capacity

Storage capacity of a phone remains an unsung hero for the whole lifetime. Anyone who is having a smartphone hardly cares about his/her storage memory. Contrary, when they run out of it, they curse their mobile. Storage capacity of Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 is 8GB internal memory with 768MB RAM. Memory is expandable up to 32GB only via microSD card. On the other hand, HTC ChaCha has got 2GB internal memory which too is expandable up to 32GB. RAM is 512MB.

Winner – Blackberry Bold Touch 9900

Camera and Price

Cameras are nowadays a need of the teenagers. Everyone wants a camera which can at least show ones face. Cameras are something which nowadays has no alternative to choose from. Camera of Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 is a powerful 5MP camera with LED flash.

On the hand HTC ChaCha is studded with same resolution count camera i.e. 5 MP but it comes with autofocus and LED flash. Price is also an important factor. Price of Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 is not released yet but it is expected to be somewhere near Rs.20,000 and on the hand HTC ChaCha is expected to be tagged at the price of Rs.13,999. The price of HTC ChaCha is really low in comparison to that of Blackberry Bold Touch 9900.

Winner – HTC ChaCha

Dreambloggers Verdict

Both the phones are same but the price of each of them makes them so different. Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 is a highly priced phone which indeed is meant for businessmen like people and on the hand HTC ChaCha is meant for teenagers and the youth.

HTC ChaCha is better than Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 in everything except the processor. Processor is something really important and in this case this card is with Blackberry Bold Touch 9900.

So all those who want cheap, amazing feature phone which runs at a bit slow speed can go with HTC ChaCha while those who want features and high speed have to pay the high price and go with Blackberry Bold Touch 9900.

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  1. divas@android apps says:

    Torch 9900, priced at Rs. 20k is not at all a youngster’s phone, there are better options available in this price range…
    Great Review!

  2. Thanks bhai.. :)

  3. I have a Chacha and its internal memory is just 130+mb, which is really insufficient as one will find out after about a few weeks of usage. Otherwise a great phone!

  4. I have the htc chacha now&excellent so far,other than the battery{quite poor}but no other problems with it so far,i would advise this phone as a 4star out of 5. AS LONG AS YOU KEEP CHARGING THE PHONE! The most I have charged it a day was 4times as I use it all the time. Thanks for reading!:)

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