September 24, 2017

Nokia Starts Shipping Symbian Anna Update for Some Devices

Consumers and small business customers are seeking cutting-edge mobile computing devices that offer easy access to the web and the ability to stay in touch with friends and clients on the go. Nokia is trying hard to stand besides other contenders in the market i.e Apple (iOS) and Google(Android).

Recently, Nokia has made an announcement of updating some of their devices with Symbian Anna(Symbian ^3). Symbian Anna is the latest software of Nokia Symbian line of OS which is having some impressive features.

The update will be available on Nokia N8, Nokia C7, Nokia C6-01 and E7. Nokia CEO Stephen ELOP said in the Nokia Connection 2011 that users will get this update through a software update by the end of August that will be purely based on the country where the handset is located. Although there is bunch of new features in the new Symbian Anna but there is nothing really to shout about.

Nokia basic purpose of updating this version of OS is for renewing the Symbian smartphones with the best features that they can offer. Company also promises that they will soon launch more than 10 smartphones by the next 12 months.

Symbian Anna

Prior to this year Symbian was the only OS that is mostly used by thousands and millions of people but with the advancement of technology and changing demands of customers other popular brands take its place.

Symbian ^3 i.e Anna is having improved Browser support, IM and Email Enhancements, better Photos gallery interface, OVI Maps, OVI store, NFC, Maps and navigation are some key features that are included in this version of Symbian.

The update will be available in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, India, Norway, Poland, and Sweden and will cover other countries within next month. The update is not yet available for US customers.

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