September 26, 2017

10 Things You Never Knew Could be Done With Your iPhone

It’s not by chance that sales of smartphones are record month after the month around the world. Thanks to the creativity of application developers, users have the devices as great companions, able to rescue them and entertain the most unusual ways possible.

Today, we no more ask “What mobile phone can do?” instead ask “what not my cellphone can do!” Then, get ready for the 20 applications listed will make your day and make you rethink the concept of cellular phones.

Create architectural plan of your Home

Apple probably would be proud of the intelligence developers MagicPlan. In this camera, gyroscope and accelerometer work together to create architectural plans snapshots. Some 360-degree panoramas and some adjustments are enough to get the entire path of a building.

Detect that Sound or Identify the name of Song

Songs detection on phone is not new thing. However, in such moments when you catch up a song in middle playing on radio, and you have no clue which album does it belong. So, SounsHound can detect it and it is even capable to identify by the melody of song.

Pimple Popper

No, Phone won’t emit some radioactive signals to cure acne on your face. Pimple Popper brings eruptions caused by the sebaceous glands in human skin for the screen of your iPhone. Prepare your fingers and have fun on the touchscreen: no pain and no mess at all.

Vibrator (Erotic) – MyVibe

This is so-called X-rated application which turns your phone into vibrator. Device will continue to vibrate till the battery lasts. Patterns and velocities of the stimuli can be customized in different ways and even saved as favorites. The company’s application does not cost anything.

Plumber, Carpenter, Mason – iHandy Carpenter

The lightest, prettiest and most handy carpenter tool kit in the world, right on your iPhone! iHandy Carpenter comes with an arsenal of tools to solve five common situations and minor alterations in the house. Rule, plumb, two levels and protractor are able to measure and monitor surface, a superb kit for only $ 1.99.

Health Trainer – Hundred Pushups

Want to get incentive to do a hundred pushups a day? Hundred Pushups has exclusive training to reach this goal in just six weeks. Working with five sets of exercise, the application has a timer for rest, accompanied by the evolution of “athlete” and makes all programming to make your day healthy. Available in Apple App store for 1.99$

Monitor Bowel Movements – Poo Log

Poo log iOS App

Based on the book “What’s Your Poo Telling You?”  By Anish Sheth M.D. and Josh Richman, the AvatarLabs iPhone app, Poo Log, helps users track their bowel movements and learn loads of important information about what goes on inside their intestines. The app is a mixture of both solid, serious information and looser, funny bits and pieces.

How good are you on Bed – Passion

How to measure the performance of the couple in a sexual relationship? What’s the intensity? How is chemistry? How long?

iPhone Passion App

The Passion App measures on Duration, Orgasm, & Activity – and then ranks you between 0 and 10, rating you from “Bad” to “Perfect” based on the three criteria.  App creator, Alvares lays it on the line: “Passion works by using all of the iPhone‘s distinct features such as the microphone, accelerometer and many others to determine an accurate score.”

Explore visually with iPhoneography – Instagram

More than 7 million users confirm: Instagram is great for publishing their photos than anywhere else. With several filters, borders and effects available, the application is a social network itself, allows sharing and friendship among photographers (also has versions for Android).

Sound / voice imitator – Free 15 Sound Effects

Not all people have the knack of getting sound effects imitate faithfully and funny. Applying Free 15 Sound Effects fills the screen of your iPhone with buttons that make various noises, such as a police car, chimpanzees, witches, shots and even broken glass. You can set the audio to start between 10 to 60 seconds after you configure it.

I hope your work, leisure and even intimacy with the smartphone will never be the same after this list of applications for your Cellphones. Isn’t it?

Article by Guest Author: Rohit Langde is a Blogger at Gadgetsolute dedicated to profiling gadgets. Well, this post was something about iPhone and Apple Devices but Author believes that Android does and that’s what the tagline of another Blog- Droidsolute.


  1. Wow. I never new that my i phone could be a suprcomputer.Thanks for the info.

  2. I am really surprised to see the Pimple Popper app, never imagined that any such app would exist. However other apps listed in this article are no exception. Thanks for this amazing list.

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