September 26, 2017

Detailed Review of LG Optimus SOL E730 – Powerful LG Phone

LG the company which is struggling hard for its return in Indian market has taken another step forward in its progress. LG used to dominate the Indian phone market once when it was at its peak time but seems as if those Golden days are gone and now the new dominator is Samsung and the bottom line is the current is praised! Though LG is far behind to the giants like Samsung, Nokia but it’s not too far to reach them.

LG has recently launched a phone named as LG Optimus SOL E730. The phone has got some serious looks and the features are just too much. LG Optimus SOL E730 is announced today, and its release is expected soon. The features of LG Optimus SOL E730 which were announced are –


LG Optimus E730

Operating System

The OS of any phone is the bottom line of it. OS of all the phones nowadays is Android v2.3 (Gingerbread) and keeping this momentum, LG Optimus SOL E730 is also powered with the OS of the year – Android v2.3. Android is one of the most common OS in the world and thus the availability of apps for it is huge.

Processor and Performance

Processor of a phone is the second most important thing after the OS. If OS is the skeleton, processor is the heart. Processor contains a clock which has a certain speed and that speed decides, how quickly your phone will respond to the input. Processor of LG Optimus SOL E730 is super powerful 1GHz processor with Qualcomm MSM8255 chipset.

Storage and Capacity

Storage capacity of a phone is also a major factor which must be kept in mind. Storage capacity of phones nowadays is really high, you can store thousands of songs, millions of pictures, hundreds of videos, tens of movies etc. Storage capacity of a phone nowadays is enough for the need of a common man. Storage capacity of LG Optimus SOL E730 is 2GB internal with 512MB RAM, memory is expandable up to 32GB via microSD card.

Camera and Photography

Camera quality of a phone which is produced nowadays is comparable to that of a digital camera. Phones nowadays are studded with super powerful cameras which can catch every detail of the scenario. LG Optimus SOL E730 has a super amazing 5MP camera and all the same it also allows you to shoot VGA videos at the speed of 24fps. There is even a secondary camera which allows you to click VGA format photos.

Price on Pocket

The phone is just released, so its’ quite obvious that its price has not been launched but we can guess it. According to many known people from the phone market, this phone – LG Optimus SOL E730 will be priced at the maximum cost of $555.

Samsung Galaxy S II is there which is far better and is available at the cost of $666, so LG cannot charge more than $555.

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