October 17, 2017

Apple – Samsung Europe Case – Apple Side is Strong : Preliminary Decision

Few days back, we discussed about the Apple – Samsung War. In the last article, we have written about the Apple’s demand to the court for the banning of Samsung Galaxy products in Europe. Today we have got an update on this case: Dutch court has issued a preliminary injunction against Samsung on the behalf of Apple, ordering Samsung to stop selling Galaxy products across Europe.

Apple Samsung Europe Case

It is a bad news for the Samsung lovers in the Europe. Apple has won the battle against Samsung in Europe. However, Samsung has the time of 7 weeks to stop the sale of Galaxy phones in Europe. According to FOSS Patents stresses, the court seems to be a bit uncertain as to some of the claims that Apple has made.

We would like to remind you that “It is not the final decision” the final decision will be released soon. Whereas it is indicated that, court feels Apple has strong side against Samsung selling Galaxy phones in Europe.

We need to wait for the final decision and for the future of Samsung in Europe market. Stay Tuned !

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