October 19, 2017

Details of Nokia 701 – Your Dreamphone from Nokia is here! [Features]

Nokia, the largest mobile seller in India is trying really hard to keep up its position in Indian phone market. Nokia is facing great competition from the two largest mobile sellers – Apple and Samsung. Recently a news broke out that Nokia, Samsung and Apple have made a tie in which all of these companies will provide the customers with cheap phones and following the momentum from this deal Apple announced to produce the real cheap version of iPhone 4, Samsung launched cheap phones like Samsung Galaxy Y Pro B5510.

Then it came to Nokia and it launched the three phones Nokia 101, Nokia 700 and Nokia 500. Out of these three Nokia 500 is a smartphone while all others are just normal phones. While launching these phones Nokia also launched a phone named as – Nokia 701 and it’s an super amazing phone with great features. The fully detailed review of this phone goes like this –


Nokia 701

Operating System

OS of any phone is a crucial part but many of us ignore it while purchasing the phone and that’s what affects the relationship between a customer and a company. OS of Nokia 701 is Symbian Belle. Symbian Belle is a totally new OS but it is giving hard time to Android. Symbian Belle supports tons of apps and makes Nokia 701 a worthy deal.

Processor and Performance

Processor is one of the smallest things in a phone, but its function is the most important one. It decides the magnitude of the speed with which you phone is going to work. Processor of Nokia 701 is a 1 GHz processor which makes this a super fast phone. 1 GHz processor is enough to power a gadget like phone. The chipset which is going to be placed is still not revealed.

Storage Capacity

Storage capacity is something which catches the eyeballs of youngsters; probably because youngsters need entertainment and that entertainment needs to be stored somewhere, that’s where memory of a phone comes into action. Nokia 701 has 8GB  internal storage which is upgradeable up to 32GB but only via microSD card. 32GB is can store more than 6,500 songs!

Camera and Photography

This is the second most attractive thing for the youngsters. I have seen many of my age purchasing phones from the market just because they have a powerful camera, they don’t consider the OS and the processor and consequently they repent later. Nokia 701 allows you to click photographs with a super powerful 8 MP camera and that too with features like fixed focus, dual-LED flash. There is a secondary camera too but its resolution is not revealed. You can even shoot videos of HD quality i.e. 720p from this phone and that too with the speed of 30fps.

Price on Pocket

The phone has just started its journey to the unknown end so it’s quite obvious that the price is not revealed. But there is one thing we can do, we can guess the price for you. After discussing this phone with experts I have concluded that this phone will be priced at somewhere around Rs.26,000 or $580.The price is quite high and so are its features.

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  1. I think this Nokia 701 looks similarly Nokia C7, the only thing is this has featured with Symbian belle OS. I think putting 26K for 8 Mpx cam is waste thing.

  2. No dude, look at the processor, OS too.. :)

    but i think anyone who wants buy this phone should pay a bit more and go for SGS 2…

  3. I think SGS 2 is bulky, big and offers nothing special… and is not worth extra money compared to 701… C7 otherwise is old, outdated hardware and has now been replaced with facelift model “the 701″! :)

  4. I have nokia 701 for a few days. Nex to it SGS 2 sux

  5. Debraj Pal says:

    its price Rs.17000 not 26000.

  6. its price is only rs.17000 and i own one its amazing

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