September 24, 2017

Samsung Introduced ChatON Cross-Platform Instant Messaging Service

Another huge step towards the mobile development has been initiated by Samsung. Soon Samsung is going to release free text messaging app which is a cross-platform app and will work flawlessly on Android, BlackBerry and iOS devices.  The name of the app is “ChatON”. This app is quite similar to BlackBerry Messenger and Apple iMessage. This app will allow almost each Samsung smartphone to connect with each other and will facilitate conversation between PCs and mobile phones.

ChatON app will allow you to share messages, images, hand-written notes and videos. There will be two versions of ChatON. One will be the basic app for feature phones and will offer texting, image, calendars and contact sharing facility. The other version will be especially for high-end smartphones with some advanced features like Interaction Rank, which will depict the activeness of the user and there will be Animation Message Service. This service will allow you to draw basic animations over images that the recipient can view.

Samsung ChatON App Image

This app ChatON will be free to download and will start rolling out in September. It will be available for download in over 120 countries in 62 languages.

Moreover, the web-based version of the ChatON will be available too and it will allow PC users to interact with mobile devices with the same app over it.

This app will reduce the carrier-based SMS charges and will offer tension free messaging and much more.

How much you are excited for this app to be released? Will you download this app instantly on its launch? Do let us know.

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  1. I’m very much looking forward to this being released – I have MMS in my talk plan but my gf doesn’t so we will be able to MMS each other!

  2. Lolz.. :) Good Luck…

  3. I have downloaded it from Market and tried it and it looks great. Anyway, the most important thing (for me) in a messaging app is your friends using it too. I think Sansung will find it very difficult to compete with Whatsapp and Viber. They will include it preinstalled in all Samsung phones, I suppose?

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