September 26, 2017

HP TouchPad is Going to Get HP WebOS Update. Am I serious?

This is really crazy and unbelievable news. HP is making their mind to release a firmware update for HP WebOS. Can you believe? Few days back, the tablet which is now priced at 400$ was sold at 99$ because HP WebOS development was going to be stopped and that’s why HP wants to sell all the HP WebOS powered tablets.

But today, a U-turn has been made most probably has been made from the path of No updates to Update. However, the news is not confirmed or officially announced.

HP TouchPad

This update which will or will not release, is not expected to make the tablet run Android. But it will surely upgrade your HP WebOS features, if its release will happen. You can read more about  HP Touchpad Reviews

The update will “enhance the platform and add functionality” to the TouchPad. HP’s spokesperson said those words in a reply to email from CNet.

For the time, saying any more words about this topic will be wrong. So more updates, stay tuned with us.


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