May 25, 2017

Samsung Launches 3 New Bada Phones – Android Bewared!

While Android’s era is in its full swing, Samsung has decided to challenge it by launching 3 whole new Bada v2.0 loaded phones. The phones are though just announced but believe me the excitement which they have created in public is just mind-blowing.  The name of these 3 Bada loaded phones are The Samsung Wave 3, Wave Y, and Wave M. We will talk about each of them one by one in the post and the short but to the point review of each of them goes like this.


Samsung New Bada Phones

Samsung Wave 3

Firstly let’s talk about Samsung Wave 3. Samsung Wave 3 is expected to be the successor of Samsung Wave 2 which is also an amazing phone. The Samsung Wave 3 will have a 4.0 inch display and 4GB internal memory and to add more to your excitement; it will have a super powerful 1.4 GHz processor. The Samsung Wave 3 will also have a 5MP camera with LED flash and it will all the same allow you to shoot HD i.e. 720p quality videos. OS of Samsung Wave 3 will have Bada v2.0. Expected price is $580.

Samsung Wave M

Now, let’s talk about Samsung Wave M. Samsung Wave M is a whole new phone which has no predecessor. Samsung Wave M’s name is based on the new naming scheme of Samsung. Samsung Wave M is considered to be the budget friendly phone, but the price is not revealed yet. It will have 3.65 inch display with 5MP camera, 832MHz processor, and 150MB internal memory. Expected price is $340.

Samsung Wave Y

Last but not the least, it’s the turn of Samsung Wave Y. According to the new naming scheme of Samsung, Y stands for young and so Samsung has decided to make this phone a more inclining towards the youth. The Samsung Wave Y though has not too good features, but Samsung still believes that it will attract more young customers. The Samsung Wave Y will have a 3.2 inch display screen. It will also have a 2MP camera and 832MHz processor. It will even have HVGA touch. Expected price is $150.

I must tell you again that these phones are just announced. These phones are expected to arrive in the market by the end of this year and Samsung expects a lot from them.

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