October 18, 2017

HTC Sensation Gets Special Edition & New Features [Specifications]

HTC is all set to give competition to giants like Apple, Samsung, Blackberry and Nokia. HTC has decided to do so by attacking them all with one missile – HTC Sensation’s special edition! The word “special” must have created an impression about this phone. What’s special in this new edition of HTC Sensation? It’s its new music capabilities and some other drastic features.


HTC Sensation Special Edition

 It is believed that this special edition of HTC Sensation will come with Dr. Dre’s Beats Electronics technology. Other drastic changes which HTC has made in the original HTC Sensation design are upgrading its 1.2GHz processor from 1.5GHz processor, this change will simply boost up the speed of the new edition.

Another big change is in the battery. This change is done because many users were complaining about the fast flow of battery drainage and to help all of them out HTC has changed the previous 1,520mAh battery with the whole new 1,730mAh battery. Now HTC Sensation will run even longer!

Is there any other change? Probably yes! HTC has even changed the size of the internal memory. In case of the original HTC Sensation, internal memory size was 1GB while in the case of the new edition of HTC Sensation the internal memory is 4GB which means that it’s 4 times more than that of the original size. Expected price of  HTC Sensation’s new edition is expected to be somewhere around $520.

People expect a lot from this new edition of HTC Sensation and I think we all must pray to God for the release as if HTC will not launch it soon other companies will launch their phones with even better features, and at last HTC Sensation’s new edition will go in drain! HTC’s new special edition phone is expected to have better sound quality, longer battery life, faster processing speed, and more internal memory! That’s all what a mobile lover aspires to have!

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