October 19, 2017

Nokia 801 (N8-01) Gets Leaked In a Video – Looks are amazing

We all have seen the revolutionary Nokia 700 and Nokia 701. Both Nokia 701 and Nokia 700 have revolutionized the Indian and the international phone market since the day they were launched. Now, have you heard about the daddy of all – Nokia 801?! Sounds a bit weird because Nokia would not launch a phone to compete with its own release but some sources over the internet claims that Nokia is all set to release Nokia 801, they call it Nokia N8-01.

Nokia 801 Gets Leaked

News was released on net by a German based website named as Technoblog. The news has hit the internet today and but there is no response from the side of Nokia, making us believe in this news. The Nokia 801 will be better than other Nokia based phones because it will have qHD screen which makes it different from others and not only different but better too. Zero features were announced in this disclosing.

Nokia 801 Gets Released

The release of Nokia 801 from was made in a “hands on review”! The thing is as weird as the news but we must keep in mind that nothing is impossible, probably he must have got it from black market; it can even be a Chinese prototype! Nokia 801 gave it first ever looks on internet in a 3 minutes and 11 seconds video which is located below.

Nokia 801 is expected to be the best ever phone released by Nokia and people all over the globe wants Nokia to recover and stand and give competition to giants like HTC, Samsung and Apple because all of us want the reliability, and cheap Nokia phones back! Indians can never forget the revolutionary Nokia 1100 which opened a gateway to other Nokia phones.

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  1. Its really awesome phone bro. If our favorite NOKIA got all the features, then we can go for it. I think its having Symbian Belle OS.

  2. Nokia’s branding technique is not good, they should have come up with Nokia Galaxy, Nokia iPhone, Nokia Otimus similar type of names. But they are not going to leave the numbering it seems.

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