September 26, 2017

Bada 2.0 Coming Soon to All Bada Lineup Devices, Happy?

Just like you guys, I am also waiting for Bada 2.0 update for my Samsung Wave I. From last few months, what I was reading were only rumors. But today the real news has arrived; Samsung has officially confirmed that they will be releasing latest Bada 2.0 update for all the devices lined up in the Bada series.

Bada 2.0

By the way, I am no more a Bada Device owner, because I had recently purchased Samsung Galaxy S II, but the phone is still with us. We will try the new update as soon as it will be released and will share the experience with all of you.

I would like to mention one important fact; the features involved in the Bada 2.0 OS will be varying according to the hardware structure of the phone.

At least now we can eagerly wait for major changes in our Bada device and can expect more smiles on our phones and our face :)

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