September 26, 2017

Know More About iBall Slide – Powerful and Cheap Tablet With Price

iBall the company believed to produce only good quality pen drives and headphones etc has taken a step forward by launching a tablet. The tablet launched by iBall has been named iBall Slide. The tablet has got tons of amazingly awesome features which can make you think, has iBall produced it! The tablet is great with even great looks! The detailed review of iBall Slide goes like this –


iBall Slide

Operating System

OS of any tablet or phone is one of the most important features. The OS of all the phones and tablets which are being produced nowadays are studded with Android v2.3 (Gingerbread) and following the momentum, iBall Slide too is powered with Android v2.3. iBall Slide’s OS makes it more compatible to the apps than any other OS. Android supports largest number of apps in the world.

Processor and Performance

Processor of iBall Slide is 1Ghz ARM Cortex A8 processor. The processor is single core. Although the processor is not too fast yet it can compete with giants, perhaps. The processor of any phone is important because it defines the clock speed which ultimately defines the speed with which your phone or tablet is going to work.

Camera and Photography

Camera quality of phones and tablets produced nowadays is great. The greater camera quality results in more attraction of customers who love entertainment. The camera quality of iBall Slide too is amazing. iBall Slide is powered with 2MP primary camera which is of course a good deal when it comes to tablets. Camera quality of iBall slide is not only amazing in context to tablets but also a good deal, indeed.

Storage Capacity

Storage capacity of a phone or a tablet also matters. The storage capacity of phones nowadays is quite large. I still remember when I bought my PC on 24th April 2007 it was studded with only 80GB hard disk but later I purchased a 1TB hard disk because I was running out of memory; so, it is always advised not to purchase phones with low memory. But in case of iBall Slide you don’t need to take care about this because it comes with 8GB internal memory which is expandable up to 32GB and believe me for a phone or tablet it’s quite large.

Price on Pocket

Price of all the tablets coming nowadays is so high that it becomes out of the reach of the common people. Contrary to the trend of pricing of tablets in today’s world, iBall slide is priced at a moderately cheap rate of Rs.13,999 or $310. And for a tablet like this one, I don’t think anyone would hesitate to pay that mere sum of money!

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  1. this is nice tablet with one disadvantage .. it is bulky .

  2. weather it has caller card & what about the rear camera

  3. weather it has caller card and what about the rear camera.

  4. worth buying then….but shud not be too heavy as it looks from the pic

  5. Yeah! It is a little bulkier than its competitors but I say, it is priced well.

  6. I purchased it 10 days back n travelled to Nigeria. I got rid of the slow internet problem here, and the gprs signal is sufficient n more comfortale for browsing (there r no land lines in this remote area)
    But I find a problem to view the folders in the built in memory n added extra sd card.
    Loaded lot of songs in the expanded sd card. but ca not open the folders to play them. Same problem for seeing the files of office n pdf documents
    any solutions?

  7. How do you open the sd card to browse through the files? Thanks.

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