October 18, 2017

5 Factors To Consider Before Buying A Mobile Phone – Coupon, Friends & DB!

There are a lot of mobile phones out there in the market. Though this is a good news, but it makes selection of a mobile phone difficult. Here are a few factors you need to consider before you buy a mobile phone.


Suppose there are 100 mobiles having “WiFi” and 100 other mobiles phones having “3G”. You need both of the features in your mobile phone. So what you can do is narrow down searches. Make a list of 25 mobiles phones having one or more features you want. Then keep on removing the ones which don’t have a certain feature and just retain the one with most features you want. This will make sure that you don’t get a featureless mobile!Factors To Consider Before Buying A Mobile Phone

Check Gadget News Blogs

Before you buy a mobile phone, make sure that you check gadget blogs just like Dream Bloggers. Why? Actually gadget blogs keep you updated with the latest gadgets. They also keep you updated with the mobile phones which are in demand and which are slowly going out of public demand. You can consider my case. I bought Samsung Galaxy S in April and just 1-2 months after that, Samsung Galaxy SII was out. If I had read a few gadget blogs, I would have come to know about the future launch of SGS 2 and I could have probably waited for a few weeks! This proves that reading gadget blogs is important!

Check If There’s A Trial Mobile Available At Any Of The Store You Know

Trying a mobile phone is always a good decision before you buy a new mobile phone. Most of the stores don’t keep trial phones, but if you visit company dealers like Nokia Priority stores you may just get a chance to try the handset before you buy.

Contact Your Friends

Asking your friends for mobile reviews is one of the great ideas to get an original opinion about a mobile phone. Your friends will naturally give you an honest review. So contact all of your friends who buy gadgets now and then and collect reviews.

Search For Coupons

Coupon, this is one of the important things you need to search for! Coupons allow you to get a considerable discount on your product. Just Google for “Product Name Coupon” and you will find thousands of coupons in no time! Before buying a product, this is one thing I never forget doing i.e. searching for coupons!

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