September 24, 2017

(RIM) BlackBerry Plabook Tablet Price Drop Expected Soon ! Stay Tuned!

Are you planning to purchase a tablet? If yes, I think you should wait for few days.  RIM has indicated towards cutting-down the price of their most popular and most admiring tablet “BlackBerry Playbook”. We have already seen many new tablet players in the market like Mercury, Reliance, Beetel, and iBall.

The price of tablets of these players is quite less and affordable. Whereas the case of RIM is different, as the cut-down in the price is expected to be brought because of less earning in the Q2 of 2011.

BlackBerry Playbook Tablet

However, RIM has already sold 2, 00,000 units out of 5, 00,000 shipped units. RIM was expecting to sell 7, 00,000 units but the plans and expectations went in vain.

Because of this unexpected results, RIM’s co-CEO, Jim Balsillie said “Company plans to offer price cuts on the BlackBerry Playbook in the form of rebates and an incentive program for enterprise sales”. If this is really gonna happen, then get you pockets filled.

Whereas this announcement is not official yet, as soon as it will get official we will ping you instantly. Stay tuned with us.


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  1. Another competitor in the market in the Tablet series. Its going to be interesting to wait for its price.

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