October 19, 2017

Photovine – Features of Photo Sharing App By Google

We capture our best moments in photos and sharing photos is awesome because it helps people get to know each other or at least it used to. Even though we are sharing with more and more people in mind, it feels like a wall is put up in between us and the rest of the world. In the sense we offer up some pretty treasured moments and just left hoping for the best. This is what method of photo sharing followed these days.

Thinking in another way round what if you easily share photos and maintain personal connection?? Introducing “Photovine” a new service from Google tagline ‘plant a photo, watch it grow’, an app for your Smartphones or tablets. What you can say about this is, Photovine is a collection of photos from you, your friends and people all over the world connected by single caption.


For example you started a vine with the caption ‘where i relax’ and your appropriate photo seeing this people will start adding their own photos which tends to share your thoughts about the caption through your photos. A Vine can be about pretty much anything, you can create a new vine to start a conversation or join in to existing one that already exists.

So instead of posting a photo and see who likes or dislikes it, your photos become part of something much bigger and eventually these connection pull down that wall between you and the people you care about. This gives you to rethink your photo sharing from ground up, with Photovine instead of just posting a photo you plant it and watch it grow. So share more with people you care more about and discover more friends along the way. Speak your words with photos.

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  1. Photo vine is one of teh new service with the good support in it. Has an lot of features in it.

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