September 26, 2017

Best 5 iPhone 4 Cases/Covers To Protect Your Smartphone

The iPhone 4 has become one of the most fashionable Smartphones in the mobile market. People are buying this amazing device everyday because of its trendy look and lot of accessories available.

To protect this expensive device from cosmetic damage and real damage there are iPhone 4 cases designed. Here is the list of few top iPhone cases available in the market just for you. This accessory will guarantee to protect your iPhone and particularly its body keeping it intact if it gets dropped, to some extent giving it a better chance of surviving unscathed.

1: Apple Bumper

Apple Bumper cover for iPhone 4 in best 5 list

Apple’s iPhone Bumper is available at retail price $25. It fits around the edges of the iPhone 4 but doesn’t cover its screen or back side. It has a cut out for dock connector and two side mounted metal buttons to control volume. Apple Bumper gives a great level of comfort to users to hold the phone. It is available in wide range of colors in blue, orange, pink, green, black and white.

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2: BodyGuardz Armor Carbon Fiber

BodyGuardz Armor Carbon Fiber

These cases for iPhone 4 cases are based on strong PVC based film giving them the sturdiness required to withstand force, pressure and accidental impacts. The case is light-weight and does not add any considerable weight to your iPhone 4. It gives a fantastic look and enables protection it requires for your delicate iPhone 4. BodyGuardz Armor Carbon Fiber case is available in market at price of $20.

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3: Cygnett Lavish

Cygnett Lavish

These cases are the stunning combination of style and function, available at price $25. The case is made from ultra-soft lambskin leather and there is a pocket for credit cards. It’s sturdily built and comes with a cleaning cloth and screen protector. It is available in black, brown, turquoise or perforated finishes.

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4: Griffin’s Motif

Griffin Motif iPhone 4 case, which protects Smartphone

This semi-soft TPU case price starts at $20 and it is translucent gray to look with diamond pattern on its back. Motif appears glossy on all of its sides, which might be an issue for users who need more tack, but the diamond rear pattern looks very cool.

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5: WaterField Designs Smart Case

Waterfield Designs Smartcase for iPhone 4 protective shield

This is an excellent option for those who like slide-in style of iPhone case. The inside of the case is made from protective Ultra suede which cleans your device as you slide it in and out. It comes in two sizes, one to fit the unadorned iPhone 4 and a larger one to carry a phone with an Apple Bumper fitted to it. It is available in market at retail price of $25 and in six colors – black, copper, flame, green, pearl and pine.

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  1. I need this type of cases for my ipod .. One time i broke its screen . All the cases are really great . Thanks for posting it .

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