May 25, 2017

Know More About Samsung Galaxy S 2 HD LTE [Features]

Samsung’s phones are just boozing up the Indian phone market and this time at much higher rates. Samsung has recently announced its latest phone and it has been named as Samsung Galaxy S 2 HD LTE – another Samsung Galaxy phone to thrill up the market. No one can forget the amount of impression which Samsung Galaxy S 2 made when it was launched for the first time.

This time the situation expected is same, not same but quite more because the features which this phone posses are quite more and better than those of Samsung Galaxy S 2. The detailed and deep insight of Samsung Galaxy S 2 HD LTE goes like this –


Samsung Galaxy S 2 HD LTE

Operating System

The most important integral part of a phone, in my opinion, is the Operating System or to be very “technical” – OS. OS of Samsung Galaxy S 2 HD LTE is the one which has been embedded in the best phones created this year – Android v2.3 (Gingerbread). The OS of Samsung Galaxy S 2 HD LTE is a no failure factor but a factor which can put the Samsung Galaxy S 2 HD LTE in lead. The Samsung Galaxy S 2 HD LTE is expected to be sold because of its features, like other phones, and this is the most important feature of Samsung Galaxy S 2 HD LTE.

Processor and Performance

Processor of Samsung Galaxy S 2 HD LTE will make it run on a super fast speed, not more than that of a super computer but not very slow. Samsung Galaxy S 2 HD LTE is having a super powerful Dual-core 1.5 GHz processor making it 0.30 GHz faster than Samsung Galaxy S 2 and believe me, this difference counts. Processor, which is as fast as this one, will definitely be a true success.

Camera and Photography

Camera quality of a phone is the factor which is as important as the others and the teenagers are the ones who care about it the most. Camera quality of Samsung Galaxy S 2 HD LTE is a magnanimous; it is 8MP resolution with LED flash, autofocus etc. There is even a 2MP secondary camera. The camera quality though matters but for a businessman/woman these things don’t work, so I always advise you “not” to make the camera quality the deciding factor.

Video Quality

As Samsung Galaxy S 2 HD LTE is a super smartphone, you can even create full HD videos on it i.e. the videos of resolution 1080p and the most interesting part is, it isn’t at the slow speed of 15,14 or 24fps, it’s at the super amazing speed of 30fps probably because of its super fast processor. Making videos is a day-to-day task for everyone and this phone can cater all what you need including shooting videos.

Price on Pocket

As the phone is only announced, the price is not revealed yet. Pricing the phone is a tough task which requires a lot of experience but you don’t need to sweat out because Dreambloggers is going to guess the price of this phone and according to the research done by our team the price is $700 or Rs.31,500.

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  1. Nearly the same price as Galaxy S2 with a improved processor makes it a definite choice for buyers.

  2. Yes.. :)

    Samsung Galaxy S 2 HD LTE will definitely lead to a downfall in the market of SGS 2…

  3. Is this phone going to be sold outside of korea ?

  4. perhaps yes..

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