September 26, 2017

Samsung Galaxy S 2 vs Samsung Galaxy S 2 HD LTE – Battle For The Title

Do you think that Samsung Galaxy S 2 and Samsung Galaxy S 2 HD LTE are similar – to some extent? If so then change the way you think because there is a drastic difference between the features – you will come to know whether it’s true of not at the end, of these two phones.

The phones are though manufactured by the same company – Samsung, they are even categorized under the Galaxy series but the level of competition between these two phones is too much – and this comparison will take it to the new level. Samsung Galaxy S 2 on one hand has already shown how “drastic” can it be when it comes to features, now let’s see what Samsung Galaxy S 2 HD LTE can do –


Samsung Galaxy S 2 VS Samsung Galaxy S 2 HD LTE

Operating System

Operating System of all the phones is a very delicate software part which helps to run the hardware of the phone. OS of any phone matters, people who are actually knowledgeable about phones considers OS as the most important factor. OS of Samsung Galaxy S 2 is Android v2.3 (Gingerbread) and the Samsung Galaxy S 2 HD LTE is powered with the same i.e. Android v2.3 and we all know how cool Gingerbread is.

Winner – Tie

Processor and Performance

Processor of a phone implies to the speed of the phone, speed and processor are hence directly proportional. In simple language, the faster the processor faster the speed of the phone and hence more time for family and friends. Processor of Samsung Galaxy S 2 is a 1.2GHz ARM Cortex-A9 dual-core processor, while the processor of Samsung Galaxy S 2 HD LTE is a 1.5GHz dual-core processor with undisclosed chipset but it’s expected to be Snapdragon. There is a huge difference of 0.30GHz processor speed of both the phones and this difference counts.

Winner – Samsung Galaxy S 2 HD LTE

Camera Quality

Camera quality of phones maters. Camera is one of the most common gadgets nowadays and is generally with everyone. Camera quality of phones of Samsung is generally high and keeping up the momentum Samsung Galaxy S 2 is having a 8MP camera with autofocus, LED flash and the Samsung Galaxy S 2 HD LTE is having exactly same features. Secondary cameras of both the phones have 2MP resolution. You can even shoot 1080 i.e. full HD videos at the speed of 30fps from both the phones.

Winner – Tie

Storage Capacity

Storage capacity of all the phones is generally same. Storage capacity needs to be high because you can easily run out of small storage memory. I have seen people running out of memory at exotic locations! Storage capacity of Samsung Galaxy S 2 is 16GB internal memory and 32GB expandable memory with 1GB RAM. On the other hand Samsung Galaxy S 2 HD LTE is having undisclosed internal memory, it can be 16GB or 32GB but rest of the features, i.e. expandable memory and RAM are same.

Winner – Tie

Price on Pocket

Finally the review is over and we are at the last category, after covering all the major aspects needed to keep in mind while purchasing a phone. This is possibly the hardest thing, guessing the price of a phone whose features are just announced needs lots of experience but we are already having much of it. So, according to our team the price of Samsung Galaxy S 2 HD LTE will be Rs.31,500 or $700 while the price of Samsung Galaxy S 2 is already fixed and it is Rs.29,500.

Winner – Samsung Galaxy S 2

Dreambloggers Verdict

If you are a true tech freak and want to do an experiment, you must go with Samsung Galaxy S 2 HD LTE but if you love to be on the safer side then don’t wait just rush to the nearest Samsung showroom and buy Samsung Galaxy S 2 because it has already proven that it’s an all-weather friend. The price gap between the two phones is very less so there is not much to think about, even the features are very much similar!

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  1. That was nice comparison . It will be really helpful for people who want to choose one from these two

  2. Yes… :)

  3. I am surprised that you didn’t touch on the screen size:

    Samsung Galaxy S II = 4.3″
    Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE = 4.5″

    Bigger is better in my opinion.

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