September 26, 2017

15 Million Tablets of Amazon Kindle Fire to be Sold By 2013

Amazon’s Kindle Fire will be the most popular and most used tablet by the end of 2013 says the Strategy Analytics. Kindle Fire was recently launched by the Amazon and since the day of its launch it has continuously buzzed the web either due to its features or because of its design but this time it’s because of something else.

Amazon Kindle Selling Strategy

According to a few strategy analytics Amazon’s Kindle Fire will have sold more than 15 million devices worldwide making it the most popular tablet in the world and the buck don’t stop here, if this thing happens it will be a milestone in this era of competitive sales as no company has ever reached that mark with a tablet.


Amazon Kindle Fire


Peter King, who is a strategy analyst said,” Our first impression of the Amazon Kindle Fire is very positive, Amazon has avoided what most of the earlier iPad competitors failed to avoid; a direct comparison on size, features, price and user experience.” This is a good sign for Amazon, which has never made us feel its presence in such a hard way.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire has got tons of features like Android as its operating system and other dazzling features are there too. If you are willing to buy a Kindle Fire piece I suggest you to wait for some time because of Amazon will see hype in its sales then it will eventually lower down the price of Kindle Fire and that will be the right time to the Kindle Fire.

Analyst Sayings

According to the analysts the only company which will be benefited from this thing is – Google. They say that if there will be a huge hype in sales of Kindle Fire then there would be a huge hype in the sales of Android too, which will eventually make billions for Google. For now, all what we can do is to just wait and watch whether these reports turns out to be true and if they turns out to be true then we all will be able to purchase this gigantic giant at a very cheap price.

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