October 17, 2017

Get Familiar with Features of Samsung Champ 2 [Rumors]

Finally it’s here, not the phone but “rumored” specs of the much awaited – Samsung Champ 2. Samsung Champ had already done well in the phone market and has left the image of a cheap and a solid phone from Samsung. Something very much similar is expected from Samsung Champ 2 and we hope that it will provide us all rumored and all the same we expect a better touch because the touch of Samsung Champ was poor.

Samsung Champ 2

 It is believed that Samsung Champ 2 will have amazing features like TFT resistive touchscreen which will support 256K colors. Samsung Champ 2 will be a 2.4 inch display size phone.  It is also rumored that Samsung Champ 2 will have 2G access for its users which will help us in sensing its presence in market.

Another amazing feature which is expected from Samsung Champ 2 is the camera and they have done the work on camera quite well. Samsung Champ 2 is studded with a 2MP camera which is a good option for a cheap phone like this one. Weight of Samsung Champ 2 will be 79.1 g, but remember these all are the guessed features.

It will even play MP3 songs and will also have a 3.5mm jack to thrill you all with entertainment.  Another amazing thing is its battery which is expected to run for 760 hours on standby and 15 hours during talk time and believe me that’s not a bad deal. Samsung Champ 2 has one super amazing feature which is its capacity to store 1000 contacts with photocall; this is something un-expected!

All the features of Samsung Champ 2 seems to be quite good but there is only one feature which creates a black spot on the face of Samsung Champ 2 and that is its low internal memory of 20MB which is upgradeable to 16GB via microSD card.

The expandable memory was expected but internal memory is too low to exist – but miracles do happen and we have to believe them and it’s a miracle which has happened to Samsung Champ 2. It is also believed that it will support Bluetooth and USB port which will make this phone a must buy for teenagers.

For now all what we can do is to just wait and watch when the phone will be released and above that we have to pray that Samsung Champ 2 will soon exist in market. The expected price for Samsung Champ 2 is Rs.5,500 or $120.

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