October 17, 2017

iPhone 4S : A5 dual-core Processor, 8MP Camera, Same Design! [Features]

Yesterday was the most unexpected day for the Apple lovers/fans. It was said to be the release of iPhone 5 event but sadly it got changed into iPhone 4S launch event. This disappointment was OK for the Apple lovers but then came another one i.e. NO NEW DESIGN CONCEPT in iPhone 4S which lead lovers to criticize Apple event.

iPhone 4S

Even I am not satisfied with iPhone 4S, but still somewhere it satisfies those who do not own iPhone 4, can go with iPhone 4S. I was expecting that Apple would be revamping the design of Apple iPhone and will present us with the next generation of iPhone, but nothing goes like this.

Apple iPhone 4S is the enhanced and advanced version of iPhone 4 from inside whereas from outside both the phones are clones. This time the energy was bit down because the event was recognized by Tim Cook not with our loving “Steve Jobs”.

Yesterday, one of my friend shared a screenshot of “Apple Stock Rate” which were highly fluctuation after the Steve Jobs resignation and it further went down after the release of iPhone 4S.

Let’s talk about the iPhone 4S, it is powered by new Apple’s A5 dual-core processor which was seen for the first time in Apple iPad 2, this chipset makes the iPhone 4S a powerful device.

Whereas the old processor in the iPhone 4 was A4 processor which is only single-core, but the new processor will greatly enhance the performance of the phone and improves multi-tasking capability of the iPhone.

Another noticing feature of iPhone 4S is, it would be called as “World Phone”.

What is World Phone?

World Phone as the name suggests, the phone fully compatible with the whole world. iPhone 4S is equipped with 2 different antennas in a single device for capturing both GSM and CDMA frequency.

As the iPhone 4S is a World Phone which means now you don’t need to purchase two different version of iPhone, one would be enough this time!

Another huge enhancement made in the iPhone 4S is its Camera. iPhone 4S is leashed with 8MP camera which allows 1080p HD Video recording support and the light sensitivity sensor in the camera is enhanced highly (takes more light, about 73% more from iPhone 4) for extremely high quality video in low-light shots.

iPhone 4S HD camera

iPhone 4S comes with support for HSDPA networks which offers 4G like speed i.e. upto 14.4mbps downloading.

What is Siri in iPhone 4S?

Siri is a built-in enhanced speech recognition feature which allows users to get the task done by asking this artificially intelligent software. For example, “What is Day today?” and Siri will provide with an answer with the help of “Wikipedia/Wolfram Alpha”.

Siri is very powerful and accurate in its responsibility. For the time, it supports English, French and German language, more languages support will be added soon.

Price Variation & Models Available

iPhone 4S comes in two color variants; you already know White and Black.

Capacity variants

  • 16GB : $199
  • 32GB : $299

When you can grab the iPhone 4S?

iPhone 4S will be available both at AT&T and Verizon and will be released on October 14th and pre-orders starts at October 7th.

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  1. If you followed the news over the last week, you would have predicted it was not going to be released. I am disappointed, however, if Apple would have put the iPhone 4S in a different body and named it the iPhone 5, people wouldn’t be complaining.What do you think Rajan? anyway, R.I.P Steve Jobs.

  2. Jaison Whitney says:

    Lets not forget its being released on Sprint as well, with them being the ONLY carrier to offer UNLIMITED data on the iPhone 4 & 4S.

  3. iphone 4s is so good.it is unique.

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