September 24, 2017

Steve Jobs, Dies at 56 – Genius & Visionary Leader – Tribute to Him

Steve Jobs the man whom we have always considered the source of motivations, specially the techs from all over the world has passed away on Wednesday. Perhaps, you may not believe the news but it is true and has been confirmed by the Apple itself. The exuberant man who made the character ‘i’ special for all of us through his product like iPod, iPhone, iMac etc. Apple is the second richest company in context of reserves in USA and that’s all because of one man and his team – Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was born on February 24th 1955 to a Syrian Muslim and an American woman but later Jobs was adopted by Clara and Paul Jobs of Los Altos, Calif. Steve Jobs was interested in technology from the day he was given birth. The reason of death of Steve Jobs is still not revealed but let me tell you how badly Steve has suffered health wise. He was firstly treated for cancer in 2004 and later in 2009 he lost his liver and underwent liver transplant.

Steve Jobs<Image Source: Digital Trends>

Apple Board of Directors in a joint statement said, “We are deeply saddened to announce that Steve Jobs passed away today, Steve’s brilliance, passion and energy were the source of countless innovations that enrich and improve all of our lives. The world is immeasurably better because of Steve.” This thoroughly touched the heart of Apple lovers and share holders.

Death of Steve Jobs has come as a measure blow to the company as he was the founder of Apple and had worked in the hardest way to make it the best. Jobs started Apple in 1976 in a garage in Silicon Valley but soon after a decade he was forced to leave the company due to uncertain reasons but in 1997 he returned back to Apple and that’s what changed the course of Apple because soon after hiring Steve back, Apple started growing at a super fast rate. In August 2011 Apple was declared the richest company after Exxon Mobil.

Tim Cook

After seeing his health deteriorating Steve Jobs gave his position of CEO to Tim Cook who was handpicked by Steve himself. Steve Job’s creation of iPhone made the Apple what it is today because of the large amount of buying from the people all over the globe iPhone became so popular that sometimes it was considered the synonym for Apple. Even, Tim Cook has paid his tribute to Steve Jobs and has saluted the work done by Steve for the company.

Jobs was the one who revolutionized the use of computers, music players and phones. Steve Jobs wanted to make a computer available for all the people around the globe and didn’t want the computer to be a mere piece of plastic lying on the table of a geek and possibly that’s what he did. He made iMac and iMac made it possible for us to use the computer in the way we use it. Even, Bill Gates the world’s second richest man has worked with Steve Jobs in his own company but later he was fired. Jobs is ranked amongst the people like Gates, Charles Babbage etc.

Steve Jobs with iPod

Apple launched its iPod’s in 2001 which made it possible for us to carry 1000+ songs in our pocket and that too in very small and adequate size, this all was possible because of one man – Steve Jobs. Steve later re-invented it and made it in such a way that we can even run videos on it which acted as a turbocharger for the Apple and created a hype in Apple’s sales. Soon in 2007 Apple launched iPhones which transformed the way of using mobile phones. Steve Jobs was the one who eventually revolutionized the Apple. Possibly these all were the reasons of Apple’s $351 Billion till August.

There were many movies which were created on Steve Jobs and one of them was Pirates of the Silicon Valley. Steve Jobs even wrote his autobiography which is already doing well in the market and will do even more well after the death of Steve Jobs because people will come to know about his greatness and eventually buy his autobiography.

Although Steve Jobs was a college dropout yet he was able to do the work which even the most educated persons couldn’t have – creating Apple! Jobs created the first ever computer named as Apple 1 with his friend Wozniak in his parent’s garage in the year 1976 but it wasn’t enough to quench the thirst of Jobs so he created Apple 2 which was launched in the market in 1977 and was probably the first best invention from Jobs as it made him a profit of $100 million which means Jobs has $100 million by the age of 22, cheers for Jobs.

Tribute to Steve Jobs<image credit: Associated Press>

Yesterday all this ended when Job’s soul left his body. Although Jobs is physically dead but emotionally he is still alive in the hearts of each of us, this makes him immortal and eternal. Rest in peace in Steve Jobs, we will miss you the most.

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