September 26, 2017

[Difference] Apple iPhone 4 & Apple iPhone 4S – The Game Begins

Apple has already suffered through the many difficulties and the greatest among them must be bearing the shock of death of Steve Jobs – its Co-Founder, but for Apple technology never stops. Apple launched first ever iPhone in the year 2007 and since then they have progressed so well that they are about to launch the iPhone 5 but coming back to the ground,

let me tell you that Apple has recently launched a bit expensive but far better version of Apple iPhone 4 and it has named it as Apple iPhone 4S. There are lots of people who don’t the difference between these two phones so for them I am going to do the comparison between iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S on the basis of features like OS, Processor etc.

The best one will win this game and let’s see how much power these phones have!


Apple iPhone 4 vs Apple iPhone 4S

Operating System

Operating System is probably the most important integral part of a phone. OS of Apple iPhone 4 is a fully automated iOS 4 which is upgradeable to iOS 5, which is the latest OS from Apple but on the other hand the cheaper seems to be stronger; Apple iPhone 4S is powered with iOS 5 so you don’t need to get into the mess of upgrading your OS. iOS 5 is better than iOS 4 and so the decision is quite clear.

Winner – Apple iPhone 4S

Processor and Performance

Processor plays a vital role in increasing the speed of your phone. In textual language it’s a sort of small chip but in practical world it’s like a giant generator to power the giant house, in this case iPhone. Apple iPhone 4 is having a super amazing 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor with Apple A4 chipset.

On the other hand Apple iPhone 4S is having the 1 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor with Apple A5 Chipset. The processor and chipset Apple iPhone 4S is having is better than that of Apple iPhone 4.

Winner – Apple iPhone 4S

Storage Capacity

Storage capacity is not the thing for which Apple is renowned but still it has tried to work quite hard and make its users happy. Apple iPhone 4 comes in two models of 16GB internal memory and 32GB internal memory there is no expandable memory in these two phones but Apple iPhone 4S has got large space as it comes in three models ranging from 16GB internal memory to 64GB internal memory.

The memory size which the top model of iPhone 4S offers has got gigantic space, and it’s enough to wrap up the important things from your computer.

Winner – Apple iPhone 4S

Camera Quality

Camera quality is the teenage factor attracting factor. If a phone will have good camera and video making quality then there are high chances that it will attract more teenagers towards itself. Camera quality of both the phones is nice. Apple iPhone 4 is having a 5MP camera with features like autofocus, LED flash etc and you can even make 720p videos with it and that too at the rate of 30fps.

On the other hand Apple iPhone 4S is having a super amazing 8MP camera with same features and you can make 1080p videos on it at the rate of 30fps.There is a secondary camera in both the phones.
Winner – Apple iPhone 4S

Price on Pocket

Although both the phones are nice but there is a quite a large difference in their prices.  Apple iPhone 4 can be bought at the price of around Rs.35,000 or $750 but as we know Apple iPhone 4S is better than iPhone 4 in every field therefore Apple iPhone 4S is “expected” to be priced at Rs.40,000 or $860. Price of both the phones is quite high but the phone lovers won’t hesitate to buy them.

Winner – Depends

Dreambloggers Verdict

Both the phones did an awesome job as far as attracting people is concerned but feature-wise Apple iPhone 4S fully dominated the Apple iPhone 4 so the people who are willing to pay a little more for tons of extra features should go with iPhone 4S while the people who just want to have iPhone should go with iPhone 4.

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