May 25, 2017

Comparison : Samsung Galaxy S 2(II) Vs Apple iPhone 4S [Features]

The biggest competitors of Indian phone market – Apple and Samsung, are working quite hard to be the best. Samsung on one side has got the smartphone of the year with Samsung Galaxy S 2 and to fight for it, Apple has got its latest and the most devastating release ever – iPhone 4S .

Although Samsung Galaxy S 2 is quite old as it was released in February this year but it is strong contender against iPhone 4S which is the latest of all releases. Samsung Galaxy S 2 is a phone which has already gained people’s confidence but the latest Apple iPhone 4S is just announced but there is a huge amount of people who were waiting for its release. Now, let us see what the main differences between these two phones are.


Apple iPhone 4S Vs Samsung Galaxy S 2

Operating System

Operating System of Apple is developed and maintained by Apple itself, as it doesn’t not compromise with quality, and No Doubt, Apple iOS is best and fast OS and loved by all Apple fans.

iOS 5 is the OS of iPhone 4S and the OS of Samsung Galaxy S 2 is Android v2.3.3 Gingerbread. Whereas Apple iTunes Store has got the highest number of Apps and Games. No Doubt Apple iOS offers better battery backup and performance than Android. Whereas Android is most popular for its battery eating capability.

Processor and Performance

Processor of both the phones is amazing. Processor of these two phones can make these gadgets very fast running machine which almost never hangs but it’s always good to expect the unexpected.

Apple iPhone 4S is having a super powerful 1 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor with Apple A5 chipset while Samsung Galaxy S 2 is having a Dual-core 1.2GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor with Exynos chipset. The processor of Samsung Galaxy S 2 is quite faster than that of Apple iPhone 4S.

Camera Quality

Camera quality of both the phones is good and can easily develop the active side of an un-active “photographer” in your body. Camera of a phone is the factor which attracts maximum people after storage capacity. Apple iPhone 4S is having a 8MP camera with autofocus and LED flash while Samsung Galaxy S 2 is having a 8MP camera with same features. The camera quality of both the phones is same but with my experience, Camera quality of Apple phones is far awesome and stunning than all other phones in the world.

Storage Capacity

Storage capacity of a phone also matters because the phones which are being released by companies nowadays offer huge storage space which eventually leads to a high competition in this section. The storage capacity of iPhone 4S is ranging from 16GB to 64GB which is quite a large space. You cannot expand the memory of Apple iPhone 4S.  But On the other hand Samsung Galaxy S 2 is having a 16GB capacity variant. Samsung Galaxy S 2 is having 1GB RAM.

Price on Pocket

It is expected that there will be a huge price difference between Samsung Galaxy S 2 and Apple iPhone 4S. Apple iPhone 4S is expected to be launched in India soon and that too at the whooping price of Rs.40,000 or $820 and Samsung Galaxy S 2 has got the fixed price and it is Rs.29,000 or $605. Therefore, Samsung Galaxy S 2 is better than Apple iPhone 4S cost-wise.

Which phone you think is the best ? Do share your views with us.

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