October 17, 2017

[Comparison] Apple iPhone 4S vs HTC Sensation – The Battle For The Title

Apple though has got more fan following in India than HTC, perhaps because it has got more products, better quality and better customer care. Apple has recently launched a phone named as Apple iPhone 4S which is considered to be the successor of Apple iPhone 4, which resulted in whooping sales for Apple.

Apple iPhone 4S was announced a few days ago and its pre-orders are here, if you like this phone you can pre-order it on Apple’s online store. But on the other hand, Apple is facing tough competition from HTC. HTC also provides the things like quality, customer care etc like Apple but still people are attracted more towards Apple than HTC.

HTC launched a phone named as HTC Sensation, if you remember, and that phone was probably one of the best phones HTC ever created. Now, let us see what will happen if both Apple iPhone 4S and HTC Sensation will have a faceoff with each other.

Apple iPhone 4S vs HTC Sensation

Operating System

Operating system of Apple iPhone 4S is iOS 5 which is used by Apple only. iOS 5 was released only a few days ago. Release of iOS 5 came buzzing around the web and made almost every iPhone user happy. iOS 5 has got tons of app support. HTC Sensation has got Android v2.3 as its OS.

Gingerbread is a damn powerful operating system and is being used in almost every “good” smartphone produced this year. Gingerbread is a good competitor for Apple iOS 5. Gingerbread has got more application support and is also more widely used than iOS 5. But quality-wise Apple iOS 5 is far better than Android v2.3.

Winner – Apple iPhone 4S

Processor and Performance

Processor of Apple iPhone 4S is beast, it is a 800 MHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, with Apple A5 chipset. This combination gives Apple iPhone 4S dazzling speed. On the other hand HTC is having a super sizzling 1.2 GHz dual-core processor. The processor of HTC Sensation is more powerful and hence is better.

Winner – HTC Sensation

Camera Quality

Camera quality of Apple iPhone 4S is awesome. Apple iPhone 4S is having a 8MP camera with features like autofocus, LED flash. This makes the camera, studded in Apple iPhone 4S, a super cool one. On the other hand HTC Sensation is having a same resolution camera but with better features which are autofocus, “dual”-LED flash. Dual LED flash in HTC Sensation makes its camera better than Apple iPhone 4S. There is a VGA secondary camera in both the phones and you can even make full HD videos at the speed of 30fps from both the phones. But the results are quite clear, flash was the bottom line.

Winner – HTC Sensation

Storage Capacity

Apple iPhone 4S has got the quite large storage capacity and I mean it. Apple iPhone 4S’s memory is though not expandable but its internal memory is enough to overcome this drawback. Apple iPhone 4S comes in 3 models having 16GB,32GB and 64GB internal memory. On the other hand HTC Sensation has got 1GB internal memory but its memory is expandable up to 32GB only via microSD card. The expandability of Sensation’s memory makes it more versatile.

Winner – Apple iPhone 4S

Price on Pocket

Price of Apple iPhone 4S is expected to be somewhere around Rs.40,000 or $850 and the price of HTC Sensation is Rs.29,600 or $630. The price of HTC Sensation is cheaper than that of Apple iPhone 4S and its features too are better than those of Apple iPhone 4S.

Winner – HTC Sensation

Dreambloggers Verdict

Apple iPhone 4S is the creation for those who want to purchase the phone with a brand name Apple, good support and above all amazing quality. HTC Sensation is the creation of the person who need quality, features, cheapness etc. And in this case HTC Sensation easily won over Apple iPhone 4S.

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  1. Did you actually compare the phones by testing them side by side? Or did you just compare the Specs? There is a big difference between the two. And the A5 chip is clocked at 800MHz and not 1GHz.

  2. so is htc sensation the winner? please suggest cause i am going to buy one of them shortly…

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