October 22, 2017

[Cheap Android Phones] Samsung Galaxy Y Vs Micromax A70 [Comparison]

Samsung and Micromax, there is a lot of difference between these two companies Samsung is a renowned company worldwide and it actually belongs to South Korea. On the other hand Micromax is an Indian company whose headquarters are located in Gurgaon, India and its phones are not too much popular like those of Samsung. Samsung has recently launched the “cheapest” smartphone of the year – Samsung Galaxy Y and Micromax recently launched Micromax A70.

Although now we understand how different are these two companies but both these phones, launched recently, aren’t too much different. Both, Samsung Galaxy Y and Micromax A70 have got tons of amazing features. Now, let’s see what will happen if Samsung Galaxy Y will face Micromax A70 in the battle of features. Here we go –

Micromax A70 vs Samsung Galaxy Y

Operating System

Operating system of the cheapest smartphone of the year – Samsung Galaxy Y is Android v2.3.5 (Gingerbread). Android is the most common OS this year as it has been studded in almost every smartphone launched this year, except those from Nokia.

Micromax A70 too is powered by Android but the version is different, it is powered by Android v2.2 (Froyo).  Froyo is quite old now, but still you can manage with it.

Winner – Samsung Galaxy Y

Processor and Performance

Processor of a phone determines the speed of a phone which implies that better processor will have better speed but there are quite a lot factors which make a processor “better” and obviously I am not going to discuss them here, so all what you need to know is – more clock speed is equals to more phone speed. Samsung Galaxy Y is having an 832MHz processor.

On the other hand Micromax A70 is having a quite less powerful 600MHz processor. There is a difference of 232Mhz and that’s quite large.

Winner – Samsung Galaxy Y

Camera Quality

Camera quality of Samsung Galaxy Y is amazing. Samsung Galaxy Y is having a 2MP camera with features like geo-tagging etc. There is no secondary camera in Samsung Galaxy Y but you can record videos from its primary camera with QVGA quality at the speed of 15fps.

It seems that Micromax A70 is far better than Samsung Galaxy Y camera quality-wise as its having a 5MP camera with same features and to add more, it’s also powered with the VGA secondary camera. Recording quality of Micromax A70 and Samsung Galaxy Y is same.

Winner – Micromax A70

Storage Capacity

Storage capacity matters when you go for a long trip because you have to listen to tons of songs and watch hundreds of videos to kill the boredom. If you will be having either of these two phones, you will never feel bored because of their large capacity size.

Micromax A70 is having 160MB internal memory which is quite low but its expandable memory is 32GB and that too only via microSD card. Samsung Galaxy Y also has the same internal memory and the expandable memory too is same.

Winner – Tie

Price on Pocket

As you know, Samsung Galaxy Y is the cheapest smartphone of the year so you might think that its price will be less than that of Micromax A70 but it is not – I don’t know why.  Samsung Galaxy Y is priced at Rs.7,499 or $160 in the Indian phone market and on the other hand Micromax A70 is available at the price of Rs.6,999 or $150.

Winner – Micromax A70

Dreambloggers Verdict

Samsung Galaxy Y is the must go choice not only between these two phones but in this price range. It’s almost next to impossible to find an Android phone whose version is v2.3 at such a low price. If you don’t love foreign brands, then you can go with Micromax A70 but still I would prefer you to go with Samsung Galaxy Y.

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  1. Samsung mobiles are good as compared to micro max . micromax looks like cheap china mobile :)

  2. lol.. yes.. but they are Indian.. :)

  3. The Graphical Processing unit Adreno 200 GPU, Qulacomm chipset in Micromax A70 is missed in the comparison. This should put some more weight on A70 and make it a tie.

  4. AndroidGuy says:

    And how about the screen size between the two and the resolution. A70 is the clear winner in this case. Looks like Galaxy Y is the winner based on Duckworth-Lewis system…

  5. I think the only problem with Micromax A70 is its Older version of Android 2.2 , otherwise this would surely beat Samsung Galaxy Y. The pixel depth is good.

  6. Your comparison is good but i like to mention that Micromax A70 has adreno 200 mhz and this makes a difference while playing games

  7. Hello Arvind,

    Thank you for leaving the comment and I appreciate your opinion :)

    Stay Tuned with us.

  8. Yugh Rajput says:

    I have both of them. My bro owns micromax A70. And I have Samsung galaxy y.
    So if u want to ask me which one is better..then I will say Micromax wins easily Yeah Really..
    The worst part of Samsung is camera..it.has 2mp whereas mi cromax is with 5mp + camera
    We tried it galaxy y camera sucks. Blurred image….
    Micromax camera gives crystal clear picture,

    Forget about android version both are same. 2.2 is same z as 2.3

    in looks and body both are same..i can’t believe micromax phone haas a good body..it doesn’t makes plastic like noise it has a strong body

    Overall both are same still micromax wins because of camera quality ..it is ten times better than galaxy

    So my advice is go for micromax because if you are buying android phone with a shit like camera your money will got wasted on it like mine seriously..

    A and one more thing galaxy rs.7100 is cheaper then micromax rs.7500.just spend.400 more and will get the best…
    Thanks for reading it guys..bye

  9. but which phone charge is more stable? Is skype call is possible through A70?

  10. i own a70…skype call is possible..but 3g video call is not possible through front camera.the company has assured it….the phone is really awsome…..

  11. I would like to share my experience, that Samsung Galaxy Y is much better phone than Micromax A70 not only Micromax even better than all like Nokia, Motorola, etc phones which are having more price under Rs 14,000.00

    Samsung is better according to features like touch input, camera results, even like 2 mp camera is equal to 5 mp of Nokia.. and much other differences.

    U can also see the gaming support, that is amazing with high process in Samsung…

  12. Dudes if u prefer an android phone and do spending equal to 7000 Rs.
    just invest more 2000 Rs. and get an even better android device.!!
    micromax a75 i am using is reallly better then samsung galaxy y.!!
    samsung is a good compaly but the UI of samsung sucks as many of nokia lovers say.!!
    micromax is really a growing company in India and gives quality phones.!!
    don’t always look for branding .. u must know that if we didn’t stop using orkut we would never know what facebook is.!!

  13. Hello Dear, Is there any update news regarding Android OS version of Micromax A70 ?
    Thanks and Regards.

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