September 26, 2017

[Comparison] Samsung Galaxy Pop vs Micromax A70 – Quality Vs Features

Micromax, perhaps India’s only “good” mobile company launched  a phone named as Micromax A70 in the month of July. Micromax A70 has got tons of dazzling features and its feature is its OS – Android v2.2.

On the other hand, all time winner Samsung launched a phone named as Samsung Galaxy Pop which turned out to be another jewel in the Galaxy’s crown. Both these phones are quite similar to each other and hence we decided to put them in the face off battle. Now let us see what happens when Samsung Galaxy Pop will face Micromax A70.


Samsung Galaxy Pop vs Micromax A70

Operating System

Operating system is something whose presence has always been curbed by the phone sellers but it is probably the most integral feature of a phone. OS of Micromax A70 is Android v2.2 (Froyo). On the other hand there is nothing Special in Samsung Galaxy Pop, it has got same version of Android i.e. v2.2. Although the OS’s of both the phones are quite old now, but they can still do a good job for teenagers as they still support tons of good apps.

Winner – Tie

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Processor and Performance

Processor of a mobile phone decides the clock speed, and it’s only clock speed which eventually decides the speed with which your phone works so it’s always advised to purchase a phone with good clock speed. Micromax A70 is having the super fast processor which provides it the clock speed of 600MHz and on the other hand Samsung Galaxy Pop is having the processor of same clock speed so there is not too much difference in this section.

Winner – Tie

Storage Capacity

Storage capacity of a phone here refers to the amount of space including both internal and external memory of the phone. The internal memory of Samsung Galaxy Pop is 164MB, I know it’s not too much for a phone like this, so for pacifying the effect of this it has got the expandable memory of 32GB. On the other hand Micromax is sailing in the same boat with 160MB internal memory and 32GB as expandable memory.

Winner – Samsung Galaxy Pop

Camera Quality

There is an impact on the minds of the people, that the smartphones, specially from Samsung and Nokia, have a damn good camera but in this case it’s going to turn out something interesting. Samsung Galaxy Pop is having a 3.15MP camera, low – I know, with features like autofocus, geo-tagging, smile detection etc. There is no secondary camera. You can even record videos from Samsung Galaxy Pop. Micromax A70 has got super powerful 5MP camera with same features. Micromax A70 has even got a secondary camera.

Winner – Micromax A70

Price on Pocket

Price of these phones is not too much so you don’t need to worry about getting a hole in your pocket. Samsung Galaxy Pop is priced at amazingly cheap rate of Rs.8,000 or $170 and Micromax A70 is tagged with the price of Rs.7,600 or $160. Micromax A70 seems to better than Samsung Galaxy Pop in almost every field.

Winner – Micromax A70

Dreambloggers Verdict

Taking the “quality” factor, I “personally” think that Micromax A70 is a must go choice in the price range of $150. Even if we consider the quality factor, then I don’t think there is much difference between the quality of Samsung and Micromax, Micromax is an Indian company so it’s even more accessible!

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  1. I like this Samsung Galaxy Pop

  2. Storage capacity and image capacity of the phone will be looking great in it. And, i like Samsung galaxy Pop on here.

  3. That’s a cool comparison. I recently recommended Galaxy Y which is another mid range phone to my friend. Never knew even Micromax products can score well.

  4. I think It’s better to have Samsung Galaxy Pop than Micromax. Anyway I am having Samsung Galaxy S

  5. Galaxy pop is nowhere near to Micromax A70.
    1.Micromax A 70 Display – 320 x 480 pixels, 3.2 inches (~180 ppi pixel density)
    Galaxy pop Display -240 x 320 pixels, 3.14 inches (~127 ppi pixel density)
    2. Micromax A70 has adreno GPU and Galaxy pop shows clear lag while playing Angry bird .
    Galaxy pop not recommended over A70 , and for those who are searching for budget android phone then go for ZTC Blade ( Available with Idea 3G) . It is a good handset and better then A70 and galaxy Y and pop.

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