September 24, 2017

Nokia Announces Nokia 603 – Know More About It [Features & Specs]

Nokia seems to be trying to botch up its shattered business. Nokia once used to rule the globe but soon after the stepping in by Samsung, Apple, HTC its company started seeing a whooping decrease in everything. Nokia is Finnish company whose largest buyers are generally from Finland, India, etc.

Nokia has recently announced the features of a phone named as Nokia 603, Nokia 603 falls in the same catalog in which Nokia 701, Nokia 101 falls and this catalog is generally considered to be cheap. This is a small but a powerful step taken by the Nokia after the release of Nokia 701 in market. Now let us see what this phone actually has got –


Nokia 603

Image credit to GSM Arena

Operating System

The most crucial software part of a phone is its operating system. Operating Systems are of different kinds. OS can even be produced just for the sake of one sort of phone for example the iOS is used in iPhone. Operating System of Nokia 603 is Symbian Belle OS. Symbian Belle OS is the OS on which Nokia has always trusted, and hoped to thrive but shrewd seems to take the all glory, almost always. Taking apart Android I think Symbian Belle OS is the second best OS after Apple iOS.

Processor and Performance

Vehemence of a phone is decided by the over clock speed of a phone, though clock speed is also necessary. Processor of Nokia 603 is enough to provide it the vehemence to compete with phones in the price range in which it’s expected to be priced. Nokia 603 is having a magnanimous, gigantic or whatever you say, 1 GHz processor. 1GHz processor means that its clock speed is 1GHz, over clock speed of Nokia 603 is still not exposed to the public.

Picture and Video Quality

Images and videos are the only things which we can snatch from time but what if the quality of the images and videos isn’t too good to stand by the needs of yours. Nokia 603 has got a gladsome 5MP camera which allows you to click pictures of 2592 х 1944 resolution. Although Nokia 603 has got no secondary camera yet it won’t be hard to overlook this because of its muscular primary camera. You can even shoot videos with Nokia 603 and that too in the HD format i.e. 720p. Now your memories will be enlivened – thanks to Nokia 603!

Storage Capacity

Storage capacity means the amount of data you can store in a phone or on any other gadget. You can store quite a large amount of data on Nokia 603 because of its great storing size. Nokia 603 is having a 2GB internal memory which is expandable to 32GB only via microSD card. Nokia 603 is having 512MB RAM with 1GB ROM. Nokia 603’s internal message is quite low but you can expand it with a new microSD card. You can store thousands of songs, thousands of pictures and many more things on 32GB!

Expected Price

Nokia 603 has got good features which makes this phone a virtuous phone. Nokia 603 is though not released but it’s expected to be available in the market soon. Nokia 603 is expected to be the phone of a middle class person. With Nokia 603 in pocket anyone would get bombarded by the overflowing love of people around. And as far as the price of Nokia 603 is concerned “I” think it will be around $450.

Disclaimer – This is not a hands on review which means we have ourselves not checked the phone. And if you have any sort of complaints regarding or any suggestions you would like us to make then please let us know.

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