October 19, 2017

Best Features of Android Ice-Cream Sandwich

The news about the Ice-Cream Sandwich might lull your ears but do you have any idea about its features? Ice-Cream Sandwich is an amazing OS which will be the latest of all the versions ever created by Android. Ice-Cream Sandwich has got the version number v4.0 and will be launched in Samsung Nexus and the phone will be launched sooner next year.

Ice-Cream Sandwich is officially announced is today i.e. on 19th of October 2011 and its features are released too. Now, let us see what makes Ice-Cream Sandwich so special and a must go OS for all of us. The new features of Ice-Cream Sandwich are –

Tweaked Browser

The Browser of Ice-Cream Sandwich

Browser is a software that enables people to surf the web by changing codes into text. The browser which will be in Ice-Cream Sandwich is having some amazing, sizzling features and the best among them is that you will be able to sync it with Google Chrome.

Syncing it with Google Chrome means that you do need to visit each site to bookmark it, you will be having it on your phone’s browser already provided that its synced. You will even have the feature of saving a page from a the internet so that you will be able to see it in offline mode. Another great feature is flick, using this you can easily close the tabs.

Good Gmail

Gmail of Ice-Cream Sandwich

The user interface of Gmail on Ice-Cream Sandwich is totally changed. Now you can easily read your emails. Ice-Cream Sandwich has made the size of fonts of Gmail bigger which makes it readable. We will now even see a two-line preview beneath every email so that you choose the right email. Now, we will even be able to send emails to others in just one tap. We will be able to shift from one message to another message by just a swipe of finger.

Cool Calendar

Calendar of Ice-Cream Sandwich

Although there is not much to discuss about this app but since it’s so cool that I must tell you about it. Ice-Cream Sandwich allows you to change years through the swipe of the finger. You can zoom in to the specific block of the day. In the nutshell, I must say that one should try it!

Data Tracking

You will now even be able to track the usage of data on your phone. Data tracking app on Ice-Cream Sandwich has made it possible, this app shows you the data usage of a given period of time, and you can zoom in and zoom out to have a closer look on the names of the apps that used maximum data. You can even use this app to restrict the data usage. This feature will help you a lot in taking control over your transfer cap.

Camera and Gallery

Camera of Ice-Cream Sandwich

Ice-Cream Sandwich has got better camera user interface. The camera app loads really fast and takes almost negligible time between clicking two or more shots i.e. you can click large number of shots without waiting for too long. This is an amazing feature for photography enthusiasts.

The camera has even got the built-in panorama mode. Even the video recording is improved, now you can do constant focus, zoom while recording etc. Gallery of Ice-Cream Sandwich is also cool. You will be able to see the magazine style photographs of yours in the gallery.


People of Ice-Cream Sandwich

This is nothing but the new contact app in which you will be able to locate all your friends’ contact details. You will see their large pictures, which looks quite cool, in the almost same magazine style in which you see your photos in gallery. You can just tap them and contact them really quick. And when any person contacts you, provided that you have saved his/her contact, you will see his/her large image on your screen not a small one which was shown in the predecessors of Ice-Cream Sandwich.

I hope you liked the new features of Ice-Cream Sandwich and we would love to read what you have to say about these features.

Disclaimer : We have personally not tried the Ice-Cream Sandwich. The features mentioned in this post are all collected from different sources and if you find anything missing or would like to tell us anything just tell us through comments.

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  1. Ice cream sandwich is one of the latest versions created by Android. And, it has an lot of specialization and good features in it. Thanks a lot for sharing your post on here :)

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