October 22, 2017

Custom ROMs We had Installed on Our Samsung Galaxy S 2 (II)

Using Samsung Galaxy S 2 and experience Android OS is really a thrilling and marvelous experience. The features & user-interface of Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread is awesome and interactive. But without implementing tweaks, it is tough to keep yourself interested because one or the other day, you will feel bored.

That is where the role of “Custom ROM” comes around. Basically custom ROMs are not designed for eliminating boredom but they are developed to make Android OS more powerful and featured.

Samsung Galaxy S 2

The day we bought Samsung Galaxy S 2, We were very curious to root it. But the fear of voiding the warranty kicks us to calm down. As we know curiosity of human leads to innovation and same happened here, We collected courage and rooted my Android phone safely without any worries :)

In this article, We are going to share the list of ROMs we had installed, experienced and tested on our Samsung Galaxy S 2. We will share the installation procedure of each and every ROM with screenshots. First of all, lets have a look at the list of ROMs we had tested and then in the next article, we will learn about: How to root your Samsung Galaxy S 2.

Here is the list of Custom ROMs:

CyanogenMod 7

CyanogenMod SGS II

It is one of the most popular and renowned custom ROMs available for a large no. of Android devices. Personally I didn’t like the ROM, because it’s less professional and not attractive from its looks and features. Moreover, after a long time we got the stable build of this ROM, which decreases the risk of any problems.



It is the BEST & AWESOME ROM. MIUI ROM has a stunning iOS like UI and offers a great amount of features. Its notification system is also great and you can handle large no. of function from the notification bar itself. The performance and battery life of the phone is improved. You can add more themes, change booting logo and many modifications can be done deeply in MIUI ROM.

Villain ROM

Villain ROM SGS II

This ROM is based on the stock ROM. It means the UI of this ROM is same as the stock (Samsung’s official ROM) and comes with TouchWiz 4.0. We don’t find this ROM as interesting because it does not have appealing features. But this ROM enhances the battery life and power of the phone.

SolarFlare ROM

SolarFlare ROM

This ROM is a green-green UI ROM, i.e. it comes with Green and Black UI. This ROM is based on the Stock SGS II ROM, and leashed with few pre-installed apps. Installing any of the ROM adds the rooting capabilities to the device.

Darky ROM

Darky ROM

We installed Darky ROM in my SGS II along with it, We also changed the Kernel. However, it was recommended by the developer to use SuperCore. The compatibility of the kernel matters the most with the ROM. The Kernel provides the platform to the ROM for performance.

Lightening ROM

Lightening ROM

This ROM is listed in the last, but We would like to tell you. It was the first custom ROM we had installed on our SGS II and found it really beautiful and appealing. This Lightening ROM works as its name indicates i.e. lightning fast. This ROM is also based on the stock SGS II ROM with TouchWiz UI. But still, I prefer to use it because of its awesome battery performance and it’s really FAST!

Wannam Lite ROM

Wannam Lite ROM

This is our current ROM, We are using this ROM on our SGS II and thinking of trying any other ROM, because we are bored now 😛 the best part of this ROM is its Lock screen features. In this ROM, you have 6 buttons on the LOCK screen for accessing various features directly from the lock screen. Above is the screenshot of that.

Which ROM you will install on your Samsung Galaxy S 2? Do share with us.

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  1. Oh and you missed Cognition, works superbly

  2. Yeah, Cognition is kinda smooth and offers good battery performance. MIUI still remains my personal favorite ignoring battery life.

  3. Good analisis, thanks….i use checkrom 2.0. 2.3.5 working good and fast in gs2….

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