September 26, 2017

Motorola launches Motorola DROID RAZR – Know More About It

Motorola seems to be shoved off from the phone market by big brands like Apple, Nokia, HTC, Samsung etc.  Seeing Motorola defeat all these in no time might seem risible to you all but that’s actually what Motorola has planned. Motorola has recently announced a phone named as Motorola DROID RAZR and the features are quite good to compete with phones which have already arrived and “conquered” the market.

The brand name Motorola “used to” be the name imprinted on phones of rich people but now only Apple and HTC seems to quench the brand thirst of these businessmen/women. Motorola DROID RAZR is expected to be the gateway to the heart of people. Now let’s see what has Motorola DROID RAZR got for all of us –

Motorola Droid Razr

Image credit to GSM Arena

Operating System

Operating system is an integral part of a phone which helps in running a device. Operating system must not be taken lightly as it decides many things ranging from apps to image formats. Operating system may/may not be open source software. Operating system is many times acronym as OS. OS of Motorola DROID RAZR is Android  v2.3.5 (Gingerbread). Android is perhaps the most used OS in the smartphone produced this fiscal. So, Motorola DROID RAZR is a must buy if you want a cool OS phone.

Processor and Performance

Processor a phone decides the speed with which a phone will work. Processor contains the clock speed and that’s the clock speed what defines the speed of processed output. Clock speed of Motorola DROID RAZR is 1.2 GHz which is provided by a dual-core Cortex-A9 CPU. Over clock speed of Motorola DROID RAZR is still not revealed. Motorola DROID RAZR has a good and a fast processor too so a must buy in this category too.

Camera Quality

Camera is something what we all know so I won’t be talking about this too much rather I will just wrap it up by telling you the specs of this category. Motorola DROID RAZR is having a super clear 8MP camera with autofocus, LED flash, touch-focus, geo-tagging, face detection, image stabilization etc. There is also a secondary 2MP camera with which you can also create 720p videos. As far as videos from primary cameras are concerned, let me tell you that you can shoot full HD videos from its primary camera.

Storage Capacity

Storage capacity of Motorola DROID RAZR is 16GB internal memory with 1GB RAM, you can even upgrade the internal memory to 32GB but you can do so only via a microSD card. This amount of storage capacity in a smartphone is quite revolutionary. 16GB internal memory is something which will last for quite a long time.

Price on Pocket

It’s really hard to guess the price of Motorola DROID RAZR as it has got tons of features with quality too. “I” think that Motorola DROID RAZR will be priced somewhere around $756 in the market. The price is actually a guessed price which is based on the features but don’t forget, we can even see a surprise.

Disclaimer – This is not a hands on review which means we have ourselves not checked the phone. And if you have any sort of complaints regarding or any suggestions you would like us to make then please let us know.

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  1. I know earlier it was Motorola rich people like to carry, but now I hardly see anyone to carry a Motorola phone. It’s really bad and I think they have to come up with some good strategy to compete with their rivals.

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