October 19, 2017

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Gets Announced With Ice-Cream Sandwich [Features]

Samsung has once again told who the boss of the phone market is by announcing Samsung Galaxy Nexus – another powerful phone. Samsung Galaxy Nexus has got tons of features which are enough to show the Samsung’s dominance. The best feature of Samsung Galaxy Nexus is its OS, about which you will come to know later in this post.

Other features are amazing too. Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a phone whose announcement was never a surprise because we all were expecting it from quite a long time. Now, let us see what Samsung Galaxy Nexus has actually got and will it be able to mesmerize us –


Samsung-Galaxy-NexusOperating System

Operating system is what makes Samsung Galaxy Nexus a special phone. Samsung Galaxy Nexus has got Android v4.0 (Ice-Cream Sandwich) as it operating system. Ice-Cream Sandwich is launched for the first time in the phone market. It is believed that Ice-Cream Sandwich has got tons of awesome features which will soon make it the best Android version ever created by the company. So, as far as buying Samsung Galaxy Nexus keeping OS in mind then I think it’s a must buy!

Processor and Performance

Processor of Samsung Galaxy Nexus is super powerful, after all Ice-Cream Sandwich need lots of power. Samsung Galaxy Nexus is having a dual core 1.2 GHz processor which makes this phone a superfast phone. Samsung Galaxy Nexus will definitely run swiftly with this 1.2 GHz processor.  Samsung Galaxy Nexus is again a must buy if you need a powerful processor.

Camera Quality

Camera quality of Samsung Galaxy Nexus is not bad and at the same time it’s very disappointing, keeping in mind the other features.  Samsung Galaxy Nexus is having a 5MP camera with autofocus, LED flash, touch focus, geo-tagging, face detection etc. We expected 8MP camera, at least but nevertheless 5MP is good too. There is even a 1.3MP secondary camera. You can even record full HD videos from Samsung Galaxy Nexus which makes this phone a choice for photography and video making lovers.

Storage Capacity

There is lots of space in Samsung Galaxy Nexus to store your “precious” data. Samsung Galaxy Nexus will come in two models. Model one will be having 16GB internal memory which is quite large and the second model will be having 32GB internal memory which is quite “larger”. Samsung Galaxy Nexus is having 1GB RAM too which will never let the phone hang. Samsung has again proved itself by showing how cool phones it can create.

Price on Pocket

The price of Samsung Galaxy Nexus is though not revealed but “I” think that it will be somewhere around $625. The price is not high keeping in mind the features which Samsung Galaxy Nexus give. Samsung Galaxy Nexus is expected to launch in the market in December 2011, so keep your eyes open.

Disclaimer – This is not a hands on review which means we have ourselves not checked the phone. And if you have any sort of complaints regarding or any suggestions you would like us to make then please let us know.

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  1. icecream has lot new features which make it better and best for example.Data Management,New Contacts and Social Networking Feature,.New Browser Functionality,Android Beam.Face Unlock ,New Camera Capabilities

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