October 19, 2017

How to Use Friend Stream and Stay Connected

Social networking sites are of great importance to us in our life. We can’t even think of our life without them. We use them for almost everything, we use them to stay connected to our friends, we use them to promote our products, we use them to attract visitors, and we use them for almost everything. The best among social networking sites are Facebook, Twitter and newly born Google Plus.

Now, tell me how to stay connected to them from a HTC Phone? The answer is quite simple, by using Friend Stream! Friend Stream allows you to stay connected with your online identity and its friends. You can get Friend Stream app on HTC Sense and the HTC phones created after that but what about the people who own HTC phones created before HTC Sense? The answer lies here, all of them can read the tutorial to use Friend Stream on their phone and use it to connect to their friends.

The tutorial goes like this –

Step 1- Download Friend Stream on your phone and install it.

Step 2 – Just go to the Menu of your phone and from there tap settings.

Step 3 – Now tap Accounts & Sync.

App Interface

Step 4 – Now, sign in to your Facebook’s and Twitter’s account by filling out proper credentials.

Step 5 – Those credentials were meant for Friend Stream so now you will be able to stay updated with your friends’ activity online. Your friends’ updates will be available on Friend Stream.

Step 6 – Now type the message and post it.

Other features of Friend Stream

Friend Stream

  1. You will even be able to retweet and reshare your friends Twitter’s and Facebook’s status’ and tweets.
  2. You can even reveal your location to your friends.
  3. There are tons of more options to play with.

Disclaimer : If anything goes wrong with your phone, I am not at all responsible for the damage done.

Post Image Credit – AndroidAdvices

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  1. Is this app works only with HTC phone? Can’t we use it with other phones?

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