May 25, 2017

Nokia Lumia 710 Gets Announced – Check Its Features & Specifications

Nokia has always tried to maintain its quality and dignity in the heart of the people but in this next generation customers perhaps it has failed. This failure doesn’t mean that Nokia isn’t a good company but means that it faces tough competition from big brands like Samsung, HTC, and Apple etc. These brands are enough to curb the craze of Nokia.

Nokia has recently announced Nokia Lumia 710 which has banged the phone market. The Nokia Lumia 710 has got tons of features. Now, let’s see what are those features and will they be able to take the Nokia to a whole new level.

Nokia Lumia 710Operating System

Operating system of Nokia Lumia 710 is Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. Mango v7.5 is the latest release of Windows OS. Nokia Lumia 710 could have done better if it would have been powered by Android but nevertheless Mango v7.5 could be still a good option. Nokia has launched this phone only a few days ago and there are tons of people who are too eager to get their hands on it.

Processor and Performance

Processor of a phone defines the clock speed. Clock speed ultimately defines the speed at which the phone will work. So, it’s always advised to get a phone with good clock speed. Nokia’s this latest release has tons of clock speed. It has got a processor of 1.4GHz processor which is quite enough to keep this phone running. This phone has even got a 3D Graphics HW Accelerator which will take your experience to a whole new level.

Storage Capacity

Storage capacity nowadays needs to be quite large keeping in mind the need of the teenagers of the new generation. Storage capacity of of Nokia Lumia 710 is fixed and it’s 8GB. This is quite a big drawback as 8GB isn’t enough but still if you will use it properly you will not run out of storage. Nokia Lumia 710 has even got 512MB RAM.

Camera Quality

Camera quality of Nokia Lumia 710 is awesome. Nokia Lumia 710 has got a 5MP camera with features like autofocus, LED flash, geo-tagging, face detection etc. You will even be able to record HD videos with the awesome speed of 30fps. There is no secondary camera in this phone. Nokia Lumia 710, overall has got “average” camera quality.

Price on Pocket

Price of Nokia Lumia 710 though not released but I can still help you out by guessing the price. According to me the price of Nokia Lumia 710 will be very much close to $400. That’s the actual worth of this phone. Price is not very much which will enable common class people to purchase it.

Disclaimer – This is NOT a hands-on review. We ourselves have not tested the phone. And if you have any sort of complaints or any suggestions. Please let us know.

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  1. No doubt, Nokia is having tough competition specially from Samsung and you might be aware that Samsung has become world most smartphone selling brand.

  2. samsung not letting anyone to stand in the world of smart phone lots of new features…….

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