September 26, 2017

How to Root Your Samsung Galaxy S 2 Easily & Safely in 5 Minutes [Tutorial]

In our previous article, we listed all the custom ROMs which we played and tested on our Samsung Galaxy S 2. I am sure, you are curious about installing custom ROM in your SGS II too but for that it is must to ROOT your Android phone.

Rooting in simple words means “Getting super user access”, as Android is a Linux OS based mobile OS. In Linux comes the term “Superuser” which means the user who has all the privileges of the system.

So today, we will learn: How to safely and easily root Samsung Galaxy S 2?

With screenshots and explanation, here goes the tutorial:


  • Please make sure your Samsung Galaxy S 2 is charged more than 70% for the successful completion of rooting process.
  • You need internet connection because there are few things, which need to be downloaded before us starting the rooting.
  • Don’t interrupt the rooting process in between, it may lead to bricking of your phone.
  • Patiently and lovingly follow the instructions given in this tutorial

Steps to Follow

Step 1:

For rooting your Samsung Galaxy S 2, we need Odin v1.85, you can download it from this link: Download Now

Next we need Unsecure Kernel, which we will flash on our Samsung Galaxy S 2. For getting appropriate kernel for your phone, Go to Settings -> About -> scroll to the end of the page -> check the baseband alphanumeric letters

In this screenshot, you can see its “XXKI3”, which means you need insecure kernel of “XXKI3

Check your Kernel Version

Below are the links for various Unsecure Kernels and Firmwares for Samsung Galaxy S II, Choose Wisely and seriously!

Unsecure Kernels/Firmware Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) – Set 1

Unsecure Kernels/Firmware Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) – Set 2

Unsecure Kernels/Firmware Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) – Set 3

Unsecure Kernels/Firmware Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) – Set 4

Unsecure Kernels/Firmware Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) – Set 5

After you have downloaded both of the things which are needed, do one thing, keep both of them in the same folder. Now extract both the zip files, when you will extract the Odin zip file, you will get few files and an exe file for running Oding v1.85. On the other hand, after extracting CF-ROOT zip file, you will be getting a .tar file. Don’t extract .tar file!

Keep both the folders in same directory

Step 3:

Now you need to install Samsung Kies too! You can download it from the official website of Samsung.


Its time to start the process of rooting your Samsung Galaxy S 2, before starting the process, we need to put our Samsung Galaxy S 2 in “USB Debugging Mode”. For this, go to Settings -> Applications -> Development -> Enable the USB Debugging Mode by accepting the warning.

USB Debugging


Now Switch off your Samsung Galaxy S 2 and switch it on by pressing the combination of these keys i.e.

Volume Down Button + Home Key + Power On Button

Now you will face the screen of Your phone is going to be in “Download Mode”, whether you want to continue or Cancel it, just press the volume down button again and continue in the download mode.


Open Odin v1.85.exe and attach your phone with PC/Laptop via USB. Please wait until the drivers are being installed. When the driver installation will be completed, you will see COM number in “ID:COM” field of ODIN, as shown in the screenshot below:



In Odin, Click on PDA button (2nd button) and choose the .tar file which we had downloaded earlier. Please make sure that nothing is checked, except the “Auto reboot” and “F. Reset Time” checkboxes.

Odin Configured

Hit the “Start!” button and wait for the process to complete.

After the completion of the above process, your phone will get restarted automatically and then remove the USB cable.

Yay! You are getting an extra “Exclamation Mark” on the booting screen of Samsung Galaxy S 2. Am I right? If yes, then your phone is rooted now :) you have a rooted and superuser access Android smartphone. Enjoy :)

If you faced any problem while rooting your Samsung Galaxy S 2, do let us know. We are happy to help you.

Disclaimer: Rooting, Jailbreaking or customizing your device can be risky, and may end-up bricking your device! You can follow the instructions posted here at your own risk. Dreambloggers will not be held responsible for any damage to your device.

Thanks to IG(InspiredGeek) & XDA Developers.

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  2. That’s a detailed guide. And like every Galaxy Series Android smartphone, an easy one. Thanks for share :)

  3. hey…thanks worked awesome..jus took 2-3 min..was fearing of bricking my phone…but went good..keep going with your great work..n installing da cyanogenmod is easy or may have chances of bricking..??

  4. Hello Sujay,

    Thank for leaving the comment.

    I am glad that this tutorial worked smoothly for you. You can follow our tutorial of installing and cyanogenmod which is available on the website. I tried installing it on my phone and it went well. There are very rare chances of getting your phone bricked.

    If you want to install, you can follow the tutorial.

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