October 17, 2017

How to Safely Install Cyanogemod 7 (Stable) on Samsung Galaxy S 2 (II)? [Tutorial]

We are back again towards Android, simply means back to Samsung Galaxy S 2. As we promised, we will be providing you with the tutorial of Rooting Samsung Galaxy S 2 and list of Custom ROMs we had installed on our SGS II.

CyanogenMod 7

Now it’s your turn to enjoy the benefits of making your phone free from the bond of stock ROM. Today in this tutorial, we will learn about, how to install custom ROM on your Samsung Galaxy S 2?

We are starting from the most appreciated and most wanted custom ROM i.e. CyanogenMod 7. CyanogenMod ROM is developed by a team of Android freaks and loved by large no. of people. Let’s try it today!

Instructions to be followed:

  • It is must to root your Android device, if you haven’t rooted your Samsung Galaxy S 2 yet, you can check out the quickest and safest tutorial for rooting your phone here.
  • Please make sure, your phone is charged more than 70%.
  • It is strongly recommended to take backup of your phone contents before installing any custom ROM in your Android phone.
  • The tutorial which we will practice here will be “FULL WIPE”. I mean this procedure will totally erase all your phone’s content except images, songs and videos.
  • Don’t interrupt or disconnect the phone, while the installation process is in progress.
  • Follow the tutorial calmly and happily.


  • We need to install one app on your Samsung Galaxy S 2 i.e. ROM Manager. You can find it on Android Market, download and install it from there. It is not necessary or compulsory to buy premium version of this app. But if you want to buy and install premium version, there is no harm in it.
  • Download the CyanogenMod Zip file from this link. The link provided is of Stable and signed version of CyanogenMod 7. If you want to install latest Nightly Build version, you can do it. But it may contain bugs or errors.

If you downloaded both the things, let’s move to the tutorial


First of all, copy the zip file to your phone’s memory. Its better that you should not extract or put zip file in any folder in the phone memory.


Go to ROM Manager (App) and click on the first option (Flash ClockWorkMod Recovery) (make sure you are connected to internet before hitting the first option).  Please wait for few seconds while it installs CWM on your phone.

ROM Manager


After the completion of the installation, restart your phone! And then open the ROM Manager again. This time you will click on second option (Reboot into Recovery).

Your phone will be switched off and will switch on automatically and it will come to ClockWork Recovery Mode, if you are just getting a symbol but not the menu, then press the switch off button once and menu will appear.


I would like to tell you that, in ClockWork Recovery mode, your touchscreen will not function and you need to perform all the tasks using Volume UP/Down buttons, homekey and power off key.

ClockWork Recovery Mode

First of all, we will take the backup of the current ROM, so that we can revert back to it anytime we want. For taking backup, move the selector to the “Backup and restore option” and hit the HOME Key. If Home key doesn’t perform any task, press the switch off button. You will see three options 1. Backup 2. Restore 3. Advanced restore. Choose the first option, by hitting the home key button.

Please wait for few minutes, because it will take time for your phone to get backed up.


After the completion of backup, you phone will come back to the previous screen. You can go back to ClockWork Recovery mode home screen by pressing the poweroff button (Do NOT Long press).


At home screen ClockWork Recovery mode, choose “Wipe/Data Factory Reset” and further, there will be multiple NO options but you have to choose the “Yes” option.

Wait for few seconds, and it will wipe the data. After coming back to the previous screen, hit the poweroff button to go back to the main menu.

In main menu, choose the option of “Wipe Cache Partition” and same choose the “Yes” option.

Go back to the main menu and choose the “Advanced” option and in that choose “Wipe Dalvick Cache”.

After the completion of all the above steps, go to the main menu of ClockWork Recovery Mode and choose the option of “Install zip from sdcard” and then select “Choose zip from sdcard”. Now it will list all the files and folders in your phone and external card’s memory and its time to choose the zip file which you copied in the root directory of your phone’s memory.

The installation process will start and after completion of installation it will come back to the ClockWork screen.  You need to go to the main menu and choose “reboot system now

If you installation is aborted then you need to select the “toggle signature verification option” and try the installation again and I am sure, it will work this time.

Your phone will reboot and it will come to Samsung Galaxy S 2 boot screen. If your phone is not moving forward from the boot screen “DON’T PANIC”.

Bring your phone into ClockWork Recovery Mode, by restarting your phone with this key combination

Volume UP + Home Key + PowerOff Button

Now you phone is in ClockWork Recovery Mode but now in blue color mode.

Just repeat the same procedure again(Don’t take the backup again). This problem of hanging is caused because of the old version of ClockWork Recovery Mode installed in the phone previously.

CyanogenMod SGS II Installed

Reboot your phone and it will work with ClockWork Recovery Mode Now! Happy! Enjoy ! CyanogenMod 7 in your Samsung Galaxy S 2. :)

If you faced any problem while following this tutorial, do let me know. We will help you instantly.

Disclaimer: Rooting, Jailbreaking or customizing your device can be risky, and may end-up bricking your device! You can follow the instructions posted here at your own risk. Dreambloggers will not be held responsible for any damage to your device.

Thanks to XDA Developers.

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  1. I litterally just got my S2 Skyrocket. Will this mod work on the skyrocket version as well?

  2. I also have the skyrocket can someone confirm this as working or not?

  3. Hello Ivan,

    Thank you for leaving the comment.

    I don’t think so, that this will work on Skyrocket, because of different types of hardware configuration of devices. I would like to go with the tutorial which is specially meant for Skyrocket.

  4. Hi, I am really afraid that my SGS2 may be bricked if i install cyanogenmod. Could you please tell me the chances??

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