May 25, 2017

ZTE Becomes The 4th Largest Mobile Phone Vendor – Know More

ZTE, a Chinese giant, whose presence was not even felt, has shown how powerful can the unheard voices be. ZTE a Chinese company which was established in the year 1985 by state-owned enterprises, it was indexed for the first time in the year 1997 in the Shenzhen stock exchange.

ZTE Sales Records

ZTE is even been the 2nd largest Chinese telecommunication maker and in July-September 2011 it was the 4th largest seller of handsets. ZTE is a good company but because of the place of its origination, it is considered inferior and sometimes even overlooked. ZTE was listed in Hong Kong stock exchange in the winters of 2004. The current operating income of ZTE is 70,263.9 million RMB which is a quite large sum of money.



ZTE even produces phones, not smartphones and according to IDC’s reports, ZTE has achieved another milestone by becoming the 4th largest mobile phone vendor in the world. Previously Apple was holding the number 4 position but due to its more concentration over smartphones, it slipped down to number 5.

The number 1 position in the list is conquered by Nokia, 2nd one is Samsung and LG stands at number 3. According to the reports, ZTE was able to be on number 4 because of its 60% (approx) increase in shipments compared to last year.

Overall there has been an increase of 12.3% in the world phone market which means that more and more people are getting attracted to these small, but very useful gadgets.


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