September 26, 2017

5 Best & Worthy Android Apps for Bloggers – Give it a Try!

Android has become one of the most common smartphones with people these days and many businessmen love to carry this “mini-computer” for their business. Bloggers, whether commercial or not-so-commercial, can have some of the most fantastic Android applications on their smartphone for enhancing their blogging experience. So let us discuss about these applications one by one.

WordPress for Android

Wordpress Android App

This is one the basic things that is being required by any blogger. Many bloggers are making use of WordPress for blogging. This application on Android smartphone can be a wonderful tool in the hands of bloggers and can allow them to post their articles and do all activities on the mobile itself. This android app allows bloggers to check the comments of people on blog posts; reject or approve them and also reply to those comments.


gAnalytics Android App

One of the most important tools that any blogger requires to check his/her performance is Google Analytics. This application on your smartphone can be used to find out about the progress. It allows any blogger to get a quantitative report about the blog stats, IP address and location of your visitors and many other interesting facts and data. Another interesting thing is that this application is absolutely free and can be easily downloaded from Android market.


Hootsuite Android App

Every blogger also likes to connect with social networking sites because blogging and social networking is a part of social media that is very much inter-related. HootSuite application present on your Android smartphone allows you to schedule tweets and follow Facebook easily. It allows you to connect with a lot of social networking sites and this enables you to transport your blog post far and wide quite easily.


Evernote Android App

Evernote is a very simple, yet a useful application on Android market that can be used by all the bloggers. It allows you to take notes of important information or things while you are travelling or are present in some important meeting and conferences. For example if you have a blog about certain type of cuisine and you notice something exceptional about that cuisine you can quickly make a note of it and mention it in your upcoming blog. You can also capture pictures, record vice and create your to-do list in this application. All your data and information can be stored under one big rood in this application.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express Android App

Last but definitely not the least on Android market for Bloggers is Photoshop. If you have taken a picture and wish to improve it before putting it on your blog finally, you can give it a final touch-up using this Android application. Editing, cropping and making pictures perfect is a child’s play for any blogger with this Android application.

All these applications can be of a great advantage for any blogger. All the bloggers can make use of these applications on their Android smartphones to make a more crucial impact of their blog on their audience. Therefore, these applications can be just wonderful for you for blogging aspect, no matter wherever you are travelling!

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  1. Photoshop is just for name sake atleast on Android. There are many more awesome alternatives to it. Well, Using WordPress makes me feel somewhat insecure as the app directly opens up Dashboard.

  2. Thanks for this nice Article :)

  3. All application are wonderful. But i like WordPress for Android. It is useful to me. Thanks for sharing with us such a wonderful information.

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