October 19, 2017

What to Purchase ? Samsung Galaxy Note or An Android Tablet ?

Samsung has expanded its market everywhere so quietly, but at the same time so magnanimously that no one has come to know about it. It seems like a person walking straight on a road is confronted by a huge 1000 feet tall giant! Samsung has recently rolled out the world’s biggest touchscreen phone which was being waited by its fans from quite a long time, the phone is Samsung Galaxy Note N7000. It has got tons of features but the size at which it comes is quite large, larger than any other smartphone. Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 is a 5.3-inch phone.

Tablet or Samsung Galaxy Note

When people hear about its size they generally get in dilemma whether to buy this phone or get themselves a tablet. Because the difference between the size of Galaxy Note and Tablet is of 2-inch and both cannot be packed in your packed. Actually that’s what we are going to discuss in this post. Samsung generally do not build such large screen phones, rather it goes with tablets. Tablets have their own advantages and phones have their own. Decision always depends upon what you really like.

Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 has got features like 8MP Camera, 1.4GHz dual core processor, Android v2.3 (Gingerbread) etc, these features are damn awesome and can’t be ignored. If you want to buy a phone, large in size, have tons of features etc then you must go with Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 but if you are a sort of geek and wants to work everywhere you go and stay connected with your friends than Tablets are made for you.

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Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 is a phone made for the people like teenagers, businessmen, because they can easily handle lots of data easily without any problem. Keeping phones like Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 is another major problem because it’s real hard to fit a 5.3-inch phone in your pocket, this means you must get a carry bag to take it around else you will pay the price.

So at last all, I would like to say is that the whole choice depends upon you, whether you want to buy Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 or go with a tablet. Just for the record, if I would have to purchase one of these, I would have gone with Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 because its comparatively cheap, better, lighter, faster and has tons of apps and above all whenever I go on a trip I take my laptop with me which help me in getting all my work done.

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