October 17, 2017

Hands-on Review – Samsung Galaxy Y : Cheapest Samsung Android Phone

Hey folks! We are back with our 2nd Hands-on review; previously we reviewed Samsung Chat, which is a QWERTY keypad phone with awesome features and price tag. Today we are back with another product from Samsung which is recognized as “Cheapest Android phone from Samsung”. I hope you got the name of the handset; we are talking about “Samsung Galaxy Y”.

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Samsung Galaxy Y is the recent release from Samsung before Galaxy Note. Few days back, Samsung announced world’s biggest touchscreen smartphone with 5.3-inch HD display.


Let’s move on towards Galaxy Y, in the name of this handset “Y” stands for “Young”. Its name explains itself; this phone is designed specially for young generation (who love Android). We ordered this phone via Flipkart on the next day after it is launched. This handset costs us Rs. 7,100/- and the current price of the phone will be surely lesser than that.

Its time to share our experience with this phone, here goes the review

Outer looks & Beauty


No doubt! Samsung Galaxy Y is a compact sized and beautiful looking smartphone. Whereas, the back cover of the body seems like a metal cover and provides a feel of metal. But in actual, it’s a plastic cover with sliver coat. Its front panel is same matches with other handset in the Galaxy series, with one physical Home Key and two touch-sensitive keys.


Weight & Dimensions

Samsung Galaxy Y is very light in weight, easy to carry and handle. Its dimensions make it a compact device; it has 3-inch touchscreen. The dimensions of the phone are: 58 x 104 x 11.5 mm.


Performance & OS


The best part of this device is its OS i.e. Android 2.3 Gingerbread. In comparison with other Android devices, Samsung Galaxy Y has 832 MHz processor and it proves it well. We tested a huge amount of applications and rigorously tested its multi-tasking capability. For that, we have one word “Excellent”

Samsung Galaxy Y proves itself by offering best performance and awesome Android experience.


Display & Touchscreen Experience

We really missed the powerful touchscreen experience, may be it’s because we are habitual of using 4+ inch touchscreen phones. But still, I must say for wonderful and enjoying Android & Internet experience, 3-inch touchscreen is not sufficient.

Well, in accordance with the price tag of the device, display size is OK.

Touchscreen experience, Samsung Galaxy Y has capacitive touchscreen and offers quick response and works average fine. We were expecting much better touchscreen.


Sound (Audio) & Video Quality

We tried and enjoyed few audio and video songs and found the sound quality as decent and appreciating. However, while playing videos we experienced the problem of small touchscreen which really spoils the fun.


If you are comfortable with small touchscreen phones, then this device will make your life fun and enjoying. One thing, we would like to inform you that, you cannot play very High-definition videos on this phone!


Camera & Photography

I must say, Samsung integrated the camera in the phone just for the sake of adding one more feature to it. Because the camera quality was worst, we clicked photos both in sunlight and night. Photos in sunlight were acceptable whereas the night one were completely waste. Its 2MP camera is just for nothing. Same is applicable for video recording too!


Battery Backup

Last but not the least, battery backup of the phone matters a lot. I am very sad while saying that, Samsung lacks in battery backup too. We tested and used phone for the whole day and we charged our device about twice a day. Once fully charged, the phone lasted for the day, if it not used for only phone picking/dialing purpose.

If you are the one, who love watching videos the whole day and keep playing with phone, then I am sorry, you will not be able to tackle with its battery weakness.


Now the choice is in your hands! If you are looking for a decent and featured Android phone with low price tag, you can go with it. Don’t’ forget to check the ratings before making a purchase. Stay tuned with Dreambloggers for more hands-on reviews.

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  1. its a cool Android phone cheap also one of my friend got it last week looks similar to my Galaxy ACE..

  2. Too many android phones in markets, but there is lag in updates of these os :( Hope wishing for a custom ROM in this phone too :) between this was a good post rajan. Real reviews needed by people


  3. Mayank Gupta says:

    Great effort by Rajan in adding close pictures of handset….good one….

  4. Thanks a lot Mayank.. 😉

  5. u pointed it right.. android phones lag updates.. :(

  6. it is perhaps the cheapest and the best phone.. :)

  7. i know android some kind of little bug OS but the phones are available at cheap rates with a lot of undeliverable features when compared to nokia and other mobiles at this price range. 😀

  8. Hello Shenoy,

    Thank you for leaving the comment.

    Yes, I completely agree with your statement.

  9. Angela Taruc says:

    well, compared with other phones with the same price, this is the best one you could get 😀 i just bought mine a week ago, the thing about the battery and camera is true. just make sure you pack your charger if you’re gonna be out the whole day.

    but all in all, its the a good phone ^_^

  10. Marielle Dela Torre says:

    I think Samsung Galaxy Y is more awesome and cooler than you think!!!

  11. Aboobacker Omar says:

    I’ve bought this phone. Cheaper, but excellent performance. As you told, the camera and screen color depth is poor. Any other things such as speed, music, browsing etc. are just charming! Batter life is poor if using 3G mode. In Wi-Fi, it goes lasting. For normal use (calling, music) you’re secured for atleast one day.. :)

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