September 24, 2017

Samsung Galaxy Note vs Apple iPhone 4S – The Deep Insight

Samsung and Apple are competing really hard to notch up the first position in the phone market. Apple has dominated the phone market due to its large number of sale in western countries while Samsung has dominated the phone market because of its sales in smartphones in the eastern end of the world.

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Apple and Samsung, both are trying to conquer each other’s position. Samsung has released its latest smartphone named as Samsung Galaxy Note in the market, while Apple has come up with iPhone 4S. Both the phones are amazing and are all ready to blast off. Now, let us see what happens when we will see them facing each other.

Samsung Galaxy Note vs Apple iPhone 4S

Form Factor

Both the phones have very sleek  designs. The dimensions of Samsung Galaxy Note are 146.9 x 83 x 9.7 mm which gives this phone a super size of 5.3inches. On the other hands Apple iPhone 4S is having the dimensions 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3 mm which gives it the size of 3.5inches. Weight of Samsung Galaxy Note is 178grams and the weight of Apple iPhone 4S is 140grams.

Winner – Depends


Samsung Galaxy Note – Dual Core 1.4 Ghz ARM Cortex A9 processor

Apple iPhone 4S – 1 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor

Clock speed of processors of both the phones is nice but the clock speed of the Samsung Galaxy Note is quite more than that of Apple iPhone 4S. Apple iPhone 4S gets graphic power from PowerVR SGX543MP2 while the Samsung Galaxy Note gets its graphics power from Mali-400MP GPU.

Winner – Samsung Galaxy Note

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The Samsung Galaxy Note is having Gorilla Glass display with capacitive touchscreen, which supports 16M colors. On the other hand Apple iPhone 4S is having scratch-resistant oleophobic surface with capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors. The pixel density of Samsung Galaxy Note is 225 while the Apple iPhone 4S is having 330 pixel density.

Winner – Apple iPhone 4S


Samsung Galaxy Note – 8 mega pixel rear camera, 2 mega pixel front facing camera

Apple iPhone 4S – 8 mega pixel rear camera, VGA  front facing camera

The camera quality of both the phones is nice. The rear cameras of both the phones share the same resolution but the front camera of Samsung Galaxy Note is better than Apple iPhone 4S which makes the Samsung Galaxy Note the winner in this catalog.

Winner – Samsung Galaxy Note

Operating System & User Interface

Samsung Galaxy Note – Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS

Apple iPhone 4S – iOS 5

The operating system of both the phones is really nice. The Android though is very much able to compete with iOS 5 but Android doesn’t stand a chance when iOS 5 comes in Apple iPhone 4S. The Samsung Galaxy Note has TouchWiz UI v4.0 user interface while the user interface of Apple iPhone 4S is not known.

Winner – Apple iPhone 4S

Data Connectivity

There is a lot of difference between the connectivity features of both these phones. Samsung Galaxy Note supports only 3G, WLAN, Bluetooth, USB port, EDGE, GPRS but on the other hand Apple iPhone 4S has got a mighty feature which makes it the better than Samsung Galaxy Note and that is its 4G support! Actually, it isn’t 4G, as the name suggests, but sort of 3.5G as it supports HSDPA+.

Winner – Apple iPhone 4S


Samsung Galaxy Note – Internal 16GB/32GB, expandable up to 32GB

Apple iPhone 4S – Internal 16GB/32GB, cannot be expanded

There is no much difference between the internal memories of both the phones but the expandable memory feature of Samsung Galaxy Note is a very crucial feature. Samsung Galaxy Note is having 1GB RAM while the Apple iPhone 4S is having 512MB RAM.

Winner – Samsung Galaxy Note


Apple iPhone 4S is having standard Li-Po 1432 mAh battery which keeps it running for 200hrs on standby 2G and 3G, 14hrs during talk time on 2G and 8hrs on 3G, music play battery is 4hrs. On the other hand Samsung Galaxy Note is having standard Li-Ion 2500 mAh battery that keep Note running for so long. It’s large screen doesn’t seem to be a big problem.

Winner – Samsung Galaxy Note


Price of Samsung Galaxy Note is Rs.34,800 or $773 while the Apple iPhone 4S is priced at Rs.37,000 or $820. There is a lot of difference between the price of these two phones.

Winner – Samsung Galaxy Note


Both the phones have great features and have opened the gates to the whole new era for phone market. I know that Apple iPhone 4S is far better than Samsung Galaxy Note but if I were to buy one of these, I would have gone with Samsung Galaxy Note. It’s so because Samsung’s center is near to my home, it’s cheaper, it supports 3G and that’s what is supported in India, its stylish, it is large etc!


Note: The Analysis has been done on the basis of my personal point of view and expertise. If you have any doubts or views, do share them with me.

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  1. I don`t agree with you about the display and data connectivity. You can`t compare a SuperAmoled display (1280×800 resolution) with IPS (960×640 resolution), only because the pixel density, the pixel density in the Galaxy Note is enough and if you compare side by side with the Iphone you don`t have any doubt, Galaxy Note has the second best display (1st Galaxy Nexus).
    In terms of connectivity, Galaxy Note (21.1 Mbit/s) vs Iphone 4s (14.4Mbit/s).

  2. Agree with Igor. The ppi for the note is 285 not 225 ? The screen wins hands down. If you think the phones too big, that’s not the screen?

  3. You need to give reasons too if you prefer one OS over other. Simple stating that “Android doesn’t stand a chance when iOS 5 comes in Apple iPhone 4S” doesnt prove that its better.

    FYI.. android is much better because… It allows way more customization and is open source UNLIKE IOS

    I can understand your love for IPhone being in Indian as we tend to treat that piece of crap as something elite.

  4. aurokanti says:

    Ios 5 is ofcourse better than android OS. They have 350000 apps compared to 270000 apps in android market. But we shouldnt forget the fact that 70% apps in android market are free. But only 30% IOS5 apps are free. So if u dont mind paying for apps, IOS 5 is for you. If u like free apps like most of indians do (bcoz we never even pay for our own computer OS and Softwares), then android is best for you.

  5. Both phones i donnot like it because these phones donnot have features which i was expecting ….
    I want something beyond this so when this kind of product will come than i will share my views…..

  6. Check your facts mate. I have both of these phones and galaxy note has much more battery life than 4s. And iPhone wins in the memory part because of 64GB internal memory. And at last iPhone 4s does not have 4g, it is hsdpa+ , which is also present in galaxy note and at a higher download speed. And personally I prefer Android and galaxy note’s screen over UPS and couldn’t retina display.

  7. Sorry for those errors because of autocorrection. I mean ‘over ios and retina display.’

  8. Thank you for commenting on our blog.
    Dear Jatin,
    Let me clear it… The time when this article was written, nothing was announced except the strength of the battery was announced. So we wrote the strength comparison.
    As far as the Internal memory is concerned, I think RAM too plays an important role. The data connectivity issue too, which you put up was well mentioned. I would like to tell you that iPhone 4S also supports features like CDMA2000 1xEV-DO etc which gives it an edge over Note.
    Last but not the least, let me tell you this article was completely based on my personal and technological views and I have already mentioned this in “NOTE” section. :)

    Still I respect your comment and feels great to tell you that you are really a precious reader. Carry on reading.

    Arjun Singh

  9. I think samsung galaxy note is far better than iphone 4s. No matter how we compare. And now samsung haz beat apple in resolution of screen also. NO DOUBT HAT’s off SAMSUNG!

  10. Samsung galaxy note is far better than iphone 4s and is really a very powerful device to carry with. At first it will look like its pretry big so that u can’t carry it anywhere but its too handy and not that big and u can easily carry it and it fits in your pocket. I am not ofcourse an apple fan though i believe in appreciating

  11. Yeah dude, you got it all wrong. The Galaxy note is the fast data winner… iphone is far behind..

  12. iPhone 4S > Galaxy Note in terms of Display and Data Connectivity??? you gotta be kiddin’ me!

  13. kimunya bernard says:

    on memory capacity, apple has the highest capacity which can hold up to 64GB

  14. kimunya bernard says:

    Apple can hold a capacity of up to 64GB

  15. Ok, so all of that aside, which phone display games better? I know it’s not really a game platform but it is nice to have a good game-graphics-capable phone u can use to pass time.

  16. hi frnds, am totally confused to buying a good mobile. which one is better in galaxy note and apple 4s? pls help me…

  17. wanna buy one of them .plz help!!!

  18. Go for IPHONE 4S. which is much more better then samsung

  19. Go for IPHONE 4S. which is much more better than samsung

  20. iPhone 4s is just a trend to have it…to me, i do not like Apple’s stuff. Go for Samsung Galaxy Note, you will find the power of this device!

  21. To prashant,

    dude opensource operating systems allowing customizations lead to unstability, which often leads to slower phones and crashing. To call ios5 shit without being a proper tech head is like calling lionel messi shit because you like ronaldo’s looks(which a non football fan could comment)

    to kaloo khan, we wait with baited breath for you to share your views

  22. The note doesn’t support 3.5G???
    I do have have hsdpa+ on my galaxy note… perhaps the information is a little outdated?
    There are areas where you cannot receive hsdpa+. But I have succesfully recieved hspda+ while in bigger cities.

  23. hey guyz,
    i am a little confused to buy note or 4s. my frndz says 4s but my choice is note.
    so plz help me.

  24. Hi, Prithvi
    go for Note only as it is more economical and at this not a single phone is matching the quality of Note it has 16 GB internal memory and can be used memory card up to 32 GB i am myself using this phone it looks good and it is faster than 4s not only that approx. 70% applications are free to download but in case of 4s it is only 30% so in my opinion go for NOTE

  25. Hi there….
    If you DON’T care about the PRICE
    then you can happily go for iPhone 4S
    you would not lose anything that Galaxy note has.

    Stil, if you like a bigger display and stylus pen usage with TV-out feature
    go for Galaxy note….
    You can show your grandma on TV what you have got in the phone (from a tour)
    You can put your signature in documents and draw pictures with stylus-pen

  26. Exactly True :)

    Thank you for the contribution Si Ma :) Cheers!

  27. Comparing to iphone 4 Note iz bettr but iphone 4s- vast array of apps,Siri!!!,icloud,N the gaming experience in ios 5, notification bar in ios5!!,material of which it iz made of , camera 8mp on retina display, plus it clicks in 1sec. Per image,video stability feature!,A5 dualcore chip 7x bettter graphics PHew!! I think 4S ¡¡¡!!!! But we can wait for icecream sandwich let see how it taste !!

  28. unkn0wn.. says:

    which cel phone is suitable for using in nepal betn iphone 4s and samsung galaxy note

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