October 22, 2017

How to Root Your Samsung Galaxy Y Easily & Safely? [Tutorial]

Samsung Galaxy Y, one of the most popular and cheapest Android phone from Samsung. As Samsung Galaxy Y is a recently launched phone so you might be using it for a while and enjoying the Android experience. But as soon as the time passes by, you will become bored from the same interface and limitations of un-rooted Android device. You can check out the Hands-on Review of Samsung Galaxy Y.

Samsung Galaxy Y

So its time for us to learn, how to root Samsung Galaxy Y. The current version of Android OS pre-installed in Galaxy Y is Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread. Would you like to know the benefits of rooted Android phone?

What all things you need before starting the rooting procedure?

  • Make sure your Galaxy Y is charged more than 60%
  • Do not disconnect your phone from PC while the installation is in progress.
  • Download the update.zip file
  • Be patient, do not panic!

Step to follow


I hope you had downloaded the update.zip file, now copy this zip file into the root folder of your phone’s internal memory.


Switch off your device and restart it into recovery mode using the following key combination

Volume UP + Home Button + Power Button


You will find your phone in recovery mode with bluish UI. You cannot use touchscreen while your phone is in recovery mode. For making selections and movements, you have to make use of volume up/down keys and make the selection by pressing home key.

In the recovery mode menu, there is an option of select update.zip or install zip from SD card, choose that option and it will list all the files and folders present in the phone’s internal memory. Choose the pasted update.zip and click on “yes”.


After the patching of that file, you will be back to the menu, press the power button once to go back to the main menu of recovery mode and there it’s written “reboot system now”.

After the reboot, go to phone’s main menu and if you are able to find the “SuperUser” App on it, Hurray! Your Android phone is rooted now :)

If you faced any problem while following this tutorial, do let me know. We will help you instantly.

Disclaimer: Rooting, Jailbreaking or customizing your device can be risky, and may end-up bricking your device! You can follow the instructions posted here at your own risk. Dreambloggers will not be held responsible for any damage to your device.

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  1. hey, dude, is this root safe..just wanna try overclocking my galaxy y…

  2. Hello,

    Thank you for leaving a comment.

    Yes, this tutorial is completely safe. You can try it at your own responsibility.

  3. Sanved Tapkeer says:

    Thanks, finally found something that worked like a charm….!
    Now can play any game real bad….!

  4. lokesh kumar says:

    hey after rooting our android phone should we have to delete that update.zip file…. or do we have to leave it der

  5. failed… not found .. mount..

  6. Sanved Tapkeer says:

    it must work, may be u went wrong in some step, i did it in like 5 mins….!

  7. hey, dude, if its real safe, can you post a youtube video regarding this rooting system. just to be sure its a-ok.

  8. Ryrey Espra says:

    thanks for this my galaxy y is now rooted.

  9. can I unroot a rooted phone ??? I have galaxy y and w ant to root it but don’t know whether i can un-root the rooted phone . please guide me.

  10. Hi, I have a samsung galaxy y and i try to install plants vs zombies on my android phone. But when i had install it,suddenly it crashed. The screen goes into black and i can hear the game running but without the menu screen of the game. I have searched for solutions for this problem , and i found one which says that i should root my device but the thing is when rooting the device, i dont know how to type something while rooting.. try to check this link
    on how he root the device to play PVZ.

    Can u manage to explain it clearly to me?because im quite confused on how he do it. Does he did the rootng the same with this one>? pls i want to play PVZ on my galaxy Y…

  11. Ar-jay Miguel says:

    successfully rooted my samsung galaxy y…thanks for the blog.

  12. Finished Rooting, Thanks… please tell me what all applications I can install After rooting Samsung Galaxy Y st 5360
    I am nt able to move apps from Phone memory to SD

  13. hey bro…pls tell me how to unroot the phone plzzz…

  14. could someone tell me if it will work on android 2.3.6? My bad, i just updated my phone.

  15. got it, i made it. btw, if theres any problem, how can i unroot? XD

  16. hey there, how can i transfer the zip file into my internal phone memory cause i cant transfer it, after i downloaded it with my computer.. i need help. so i can root my galaxy y.. many thanks..

  17. Hi before I will going to root my phone can u also teach us how to unroot?

  18. atanu deb roy says:

    do i need to select “wipe data/factory reset” & “wipe cache partition” too before selecting “reboot your system now”?? please help

  19. Hello Nyawk,

    Thank you for leaving the comment. You can check the un-rooting tutorial here : http://www.dreambloggers.com/how-to-unroot-samsung-galaxy-y-quickly-tutorial/

    Stay Tuned with us :)

  20. hi. hope u cn teach how to do it. wil it afEct oN the aps that is storeD oN sd?

  21. uhmmm i cant root my samsung galaxy y
    my phone is 2.3.5 version
    when i chose the option install zip from sd card this text appeared
    “CANT MOUNT SD CARD>>> Install from sd card COMPLETE”
    i tried many times… :))

  22. “CANT MOUNT SD CARD” is an issue with 2.3.5 upgrade first to 2.3.6 then root again. there should be no problem, rooting for the galaxy y is fairly safe. there is also another file that you can google to unroot. after rooting install titanium back up to move apps to sd or use another software to automatically install appz to sd.

  23. i cant root my samsung galaxy y
    my phone is 2.3.6
    when i chose the option install zip from sd card this text appeared
    “CANT MOUNT SD CARD>>> Install from sd card COMPLETE”

  24. how can i copy the update.zip file to /root folder

    any clue?

    thanks in advanced.

  25. Working Perfectly.. ThankYou…

  26. could you tell what are the advantages of rooting galaxy y ? cuz i dun see anything reason to root it , i just bought it though

  27. After rooting i lost network connection,imei.mobile shows no simcard inserted. This happens while i did factory reset. Pls help me sir.

  28. Hello Sudhakar,

    Thank you for the query.

    I think you might have followed some wrong steps, if you phone is showing such kind of warnings/messages. I would like to request you to please take your phone to Samsung Care and they will get it fixed within few hours. If the issue is still not resolved, do let me know. Happy to help you.

  29. Hey, m using this phone.. i hv problem in messaging.. i just want 2 change the conversation view into folder view… is this possible?? plzz help me..

  30. I just got my new phone and will try this unrooting.
    thanks for this info

  31. How do I copy the file to the internal memory.

  32. Successfully to rooted my samsung galaxy y thanks bro please tell me the details of apps used to increase the performance of the phone

  33. Is rooting means updating this phone to 2.3.6 ?

  34. Is rooting means updating galaxy y to 2.3.6 ?

  35. Hey will this root work on Galaxy Y Duos?

  36. copy the file is simple: plug the USB cable from phone to PC, it will install automatically drivers, open Windows Explorer/Computer, same as if you transfer photos from camera to PC or mp3 player….

  37. i knw rotting our makes a super user in the mobile
    bt the main point of concern is whether my phone warenty will expire after rooting my phone ?????
    i have heard from many people that the phone warenty becomes void after rooting the phone….
    please help…..

  38. John Mathew says:

    I rooted my galaxy y as per the instructions and now i have the SuperUser app but I can’t uninstall stock apps or unroot my phone.PLEASE HELP.

  39. Hey thkx a looot….im dun wid this processs n now my galaxy y works great…but I need ur help sir how do I make my phone faster…

  40. Sarbonash says:

    Dear Sir, There is no update.zip file.links is failed.please give me a valid links for download the file.

  41. “update.zip file” link is broken. upload a new link and please tell me exact work when rooting the phone.
    please update it fast.

  42. Akhtar Qureshi says:

    Hi, I am in KSA my Galaxy Y is upgraded vid Kies to ..XXLA2, after this I am not able to use net callers like Ifone platinum, PEPSI dialer etc. Also tried to upgrade via Odin but yellow bar is not highliting. Pl. help me.

  43. WHILE WIPING DATA/FACTORY RESET I GET “E:FORMAT_VOLUME:rfs format failed on /dev/stl10. cache wipe complete

  44. how can i copy the update.zip to my internal memory.?

  45. akshay says:

    hi, m unable to find the update.zip file in the recovery mode.. kindly help

  46. Bhaskar says:

    will this work on android 2.3.6?
    also what is root directory?

  47. Here’s my problem. I really need help :(

    E:failed to mount /sdcard (No such file or directory)
    E:Can’t mount /sdcard

    Install from sdcard complete.

  48. christine says:

    i tried downloading the file but it is not showing on the options when i try to do the rooting process. actually after i downloadwd and copied it i saw that it doesnt have file size so i think thats tge reasn why its not showing there. pls enail me for assistance thanks

  49. can you make a vedio on this please? it would really help

  50. galaxy owner says:

    hey dude good day i downloaded it and copied it to my root folder… ‘/’ i think… and when i go to recovery menu and updated it.. it goes installation aborted

  51. Desmond says:

    Hey i tried to root my galaxy y duos many times but failed every time. When i go in recovery mode and click ‘apply update.zip from sd card’ it shows ‘/E:failed to mount sd card’ ……Please help me

  52. pls help i cant download the updated zip file to root my samsung galaxy y. how cn i dl that? tnx.

  53. my mobile is leaving data connection after rooting
    i have to switch off the mobile to get it connected again

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