October 22, 2017

iPhone 4S to Launch in India on 25th November!

If you consider India an inferior country in technology, then you are totally wrong. What proves this is the fact that no big tech company now is overlooking India when launching their latest products. For example, Samsung recently announced that India is going to be in one of the first countries to get the taste of the first Android 4.0 phone, Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Also, Samsung chose India to be one of the first countries for Samsung Galaxy Note launch. And now, it is Apple’s turn to honor India’s techie folks.

iPhone 4S Coming Soon to India

There were already many rumors floating on the internet that Apple iPhone 4S would be coming in India this November but nobody knew whether the rumors were true. Proving the rumors true were the Facebook pages of Airtel and Aircel when they announced that Apple iPhone 4S would be coming soon. Later, Aircel revealed that the launch date is going to be 25th November 2011. Check out the Facebook post in the official Aircel Fan page.

Aircel Annoucement about iPhone 4S

Aircel has also announced about Apple iPhone 4S on their official website. This is the message they posted:

iPhone 4S coming soon to an Aircel store near you.
Become a proud owner, pre-book your iPhone 4S here.
Pre-booking starts Nov. 18th, 2011.

November 18, the pre-booking date. From 18th Nov. you would be able to pre-order the best iPhone till now. When Apple iPhone 4S was put on pre-order on Apple’s official site for several countries, the count of pre-orders crossed Million in just 24 hours. The expected price of Apple iPhone 4S is Rs. 35,000 onwards for different models. If you are still thinking why is there so much fuss about iPhone 4S, checkout a few of its main features which will definitely attract your attention.

Apple iPhone 4S runs on iOS 5, has an A5 processor, a superior graphics chip, an 8 megapixels camera which can record HD videos and the most special of all, Siri, a virtual assistant that can process your commands and respond with useful information in context. Even though, it has the same design and screen size, it is definitely too much better than its predecessors.

Apple iPhone 4S will definitely rock India when it launches. So, remember the date given below which is going to be the release date of the much awaited Apple iPhone 4S.


Just like all the Apple products, I am sure it is going to be a huge hit so it will be wait all around the tech world. Let’s see how our country welcome this amazing smart phone.


  1. Thanks for such a wonderful article!

  2. Yes, this is great news for all Indians. People all over the world are going gaga with new iPhone 4S and this is a real treat for Indian consumers to enjoy this amazing smartphone. Recently, India has become the main focus for multi national technological companies and mobile industry in particular as the total number of purchases pooled together is more than many the purchases made in many other countries. Hats off to Steve jobs for this wonderful revolution in smart phone technology.

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