September 26, 2017

[Comparison] Apple iPhone 4S vs Google-Samsung Galaxy Nexus: Fight Between Apple and Google

Apple and Google are the most famous companies on the internet. People know that they rival each other is different ways. Mobile operating systems, music software, mapping software and mobiles. Apple iPhone 4S is the latest smartphone from Apple and Google-Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the latest phone from Samsung and Google.

Apple iPhone 4S vs Google-Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Both phones feature the all new mobile operating systems. When these two powerful and amazing phones come against each other, there is surely going to be one fierce battle. Let’s bring it on!

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Form Factor

Samsung-Google Galaxy Nexus comes with dimensions of 135.5 x 67.9 x 8.9 mm. Its screen size is 4.65 inches. It weighs 135 grams.
Apple iPhone 4S comes with dimensions of 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3 mm. Its screen size is 3.5 inches. It weighs 140 grams.

Seeing that the screen size of Galaxy Nexus is larger and it also weighs lesser than iPhone 4S, there is no reason why Galaxy Nexus should lose this round.

Result: Galaxy Nexus wins


Samsung-Google Galaxy Nexus – 1.2 Ghz Dual-Core Cortex-A9 Processor
Apple iPhone 4S – 1 Ghz Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A9 Processor

Bring on two processor: 1.2 Ghz or 1 Ghz. Who’s the winner? It’s definitely obvious.

Galaxy Nexus has a faster processor which will make it run all those apps and features just a bit faster as compared to iPhone 4S.

Result: Galaxy Nexus wins


Samsung-Google Galaxy Nexus – Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
Apple iPhone 4S – LED-Backlit IPS TFT capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors

After seeing that both the phones have different kind of screens, I started researching about which one of them is better. After searching for a bit, I found out that most people declared Super AMOLED as the better screen because it is better visible in sunlight and five times more vivid and performs 20% better when it is used outdoor.

Result: Galaxy Nexus wins


Samsung-Google Galaxy Nexus – 5 megapixels rear camera with autofocus, LED flash, touch focus, geo-tagging and face detection. Video recording at 1080p@30 fps. It has a 1.3 megapixels front facing camera.
Apple iPhone 4S – 8 megapixels rear camera with autofocus, LED flash, touch focus, geo-tagging and face detection. Video recording at 1080p@30 fps with LED video light, video stabilization and geo-tagging. It has a VGA front facing camera.

Where iPhone 4S is leading in rear camera megapixels, Galaxy Nexus is leading in front-facing camera megapixels. But iPhone 4S bounces back with the additional special video recording features. So, all in all, it is Apple which reigns.

Result: Apple iPhone 4S wins

Operating System

Samsung-Google Galaxy Nexus – Android 4.0(Ice Cream Sandwich)
Apple iPhone 4S – iOS 5

This is where comparing is at difficult best. But, here, after taking a help of my recent post where I compared mobile operating systems, I would like to say that Android is better(the reasons are well explained in the post which you see by clicking the link above). So, the winner is crystal clear here.

Result: Galaxy Nexus wins

Data Connectivity

Samsung-Google Galaxy Nexus – 2G, 3G, GPRS, EDGE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v3.0, microUSB v2.0
Apple iPhone 4S – 2G, 3G, GPRS, EDGE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v4.0, microUSB v2.0

Almost everything is same here but the bluetooth version number is the thing which will give iPhone 4S a little bit edge. And that little bit edge is enough to take the whole round.

Result: Apple iPhone 4S wins


Samsung-Google Galaxy Nexus – 16/32 GB, 1 GB RAM
Apple iPhone 4S – 16/32/64 GB, 512 MB RAM

This one is again difficult. iPhone 4S has three models as compared to Galaxy Nexus’ two. But Galaxy Nexus has more RAM than iPhone 4S. Well, here I would like to go with iPhone 4S because it has the 64 GB model which many people want because their needs are big. The win here, would be just by a very short margin.

Result: Apple iPhone 4S wins


Samsung-Google Galaxy Nexus – Li-Ion 1750 mAh
Apple iPhone 4S – Li-Po 1432 mAh

Here the fight is mainly between Li-Ion and Li-Po batteries. After researching a bit, I found out that both the batteries are quite similar. Li-ion is used in most of the phones these days but Li-Po lasts longer. The mAh number also has very much effect so I guess Galaxy Nexus should be given this round.

Result: Galaxy Nexus wins


Samsung-Google Galaxy Nexus – Around $800
Apple iPhone 4S – 16GB = $199, 32GB = $299, 64GB = $399 with a 2-year contract

The difference of the price is huge in USD but not much huge in INR. In India, the price of both the phones, is expected to be Rs. 35K. But seeing the USD price, the winner is quite clear.

Result: Apple iPhone 4S wins

Dreambloggers Verdict

There were 9 rounds in this post. 5 of them were won by Galaxy Nexus and 4 of them were won by iPhone 4S. Well, the overall winner is really difficult to choose between these two but eventually, I would like to choose Galaxy Nexus as the better phone.


Note: The comparison & Analysis of both the phones has been done on the basis of my personal point of view and expertise. If you have any doubts or views, do share them with me.

So which phone you are going to purchase? Do share with us, We would love to hear from you. :)

If you find any wrong or incomplete details, Please provide us the feedback. Our efforts are always to provide full and correct comparison, there can always a possibility of admitting a mistake.


  1. In terms of Software refinement Apple is best, in terms of hardware Samsung is best in this case.

  2. Assault Rain says:

    Hello , I am a 14 year old tech nerdy as you may say , The Fact that the iphone 4s has bluetooth 4.0 is fine , though theres no use for it. Galaxy should’ve won.

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