September 26, 2017

How to Safely Overclock Your Android Device/Phone ? [Tutorial]

Overclocking a device means trying to get more speed from a device, more than what it is designed to give. People usually face lots of problems because of their very less clock speed which makes their phone works at really low pace. Overclocking is the only left solution for them. Overclocking can be done using various ways and on various devices. In this case we are talking about overclocking an Android phone.

Overclocking might seem difficult, but it’s really easy, especially when Dreambloggers teach you this. To overclock an Android phone there are hundreds of ways but in this case we are going to use a “free” app called SetCPU. It has even increased the battery life of certain phones. Now coming back to how to do this, I would like all of you to follow the tutorial given below –

Following are the Requirements, Before you Overclock your Android Device

AndroidHere goes the Tutorial, Be Patient ! Follow the steps sincerely

Step 1:

Go to marketplace and search for “SetCPU” (without quotes).

Step 2:

Once you find the SetCPU, just install it.

Step 3:

Now create the backup of your phone, You can create the backup and you are ready to go.

Step 4:

Now open up the application and select Auto Detect Speeds.

Step 5:

Now when it asks your permission for root access, tap OK.

Step 6:

Now select both maximum and minimum speed but be careful while choosing. If you will choose a very high or very low-speed then there are chances that your phone will stop functioning.

Step 7:

Once you find yourself comfortable with the application just select the application you would like to open and get amazing results.

If you faced any problem while following this tutorial, do let me know. We will help you instantly.

Disclaimer: Rooting, Jailbreaking or customizing your device can be risky, and may end-up bricking your device! You can follow the instructions posted here at your own risk. Dreambloggers will not be held responsible for any damage to your device.

We would like to thank, for this awesome tutorial and video.

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  1. thanks for this arjun, i have troubles overlocking android phones all the time

  2. LOL.. :) everyone has.. :)

  3. Great description on how to jailbreak android device, but I was really afraid after reading the last sentence about the chance of getting our device damaged. I will try after loosing the interest on my device.

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