September 24, 2017

Apple iPhone 4S Prices Revealed: People Shocked With Huge Prices

Apple iPhone 4S was put to pre-order today and people surely expected that just like all Apple products, this one also would be priced high. But their expectations have been put to end by the revealing of prices today. The prices are huge and it makes me think whether people actually buy it. The expected beginning price of iPhone 4S was Rs. 35,000 but the real price boosted out to be Rs. 44,500. Well, this post will let you know about the prices of all the models of ‘the best iPhone ever’. So, let’s get going to check the prices.

Apple iPhone 4S Prices Revealed

  • Apple iPhone 4S 16 GB: Rs. 44,550
  • Apple iPhone 4S 32 GB: Rs. 50,900
  • Apple iPhone 4S 64 GB: Rs. 57,500

Surprised or shocked? I really feel that all of these phones are very over-priced and the price really matters, especially in India. Spending 50,000 or more on a mobile is what I can never ever think of and maybe all the Indians would be thinking like that. If you convert the USD rates to INR, you will see how much difference have the taxes, custom duty, etc. has made.

  • Apple iPhone 4S 16 GB: $199 = Rs. 32,631
  • Apple iPhone 4S 32 GB: $299 = Rs. 37,659
  • Apple iPhone 4S 64 GB: $399 = Rs. 42,687

Just see the difference and you will totally hate the companies. Rs. 12K, Rs. 13K and Rs. 15K respectively. Well, now as the prices are set. It would be interesting to see what will happen when it officially launches on 25th Nov. And yeah, the pre-booking has been opened. You can pre-book this all new iPhone from this link with contract with Airtel. Aircel hasn’t opened the pre-booking yet and the reasons are unknown but as said by themselves, pre-booking will open very soon.

So now, let’s see what happens next and will people buy this over-priced device. What do you think will be the fate of iPhone 4S in India. I strongly recommend that a price-cut should be made in order to attract more customers but with this price range, I have no idea what will happen to iPhone 4S.

What is your opinion? Do comment and let us know.


  1. Apple iPhone 4S 16 GB: $199
    Apple iPhone 4S 32 GB: $299
    Apple iPhone 4S 64 GB: $399

    These prices are not retail prices, this prices are offered on 2 year contract with respective telecom service provider.

  2. The prices given in the post are also offered on contracts with Airtel and Aircel.

  3. as i expected!

  4. Awesome blog, it’s just like a game for me! It’s so infomative and usefull, thanks a lot! If you post more of this great stuff, I’ll visit your blog again!

  5. it is better to buy an unlocked iphone 4s from the open market and get a plan with a carrier that suits you, anyways one shud go for android based phones particularly samsung as they r cheap and better, apple is just fooling arnd with crazy people in our country, many of my friends who were waiting for iphone4s have bought galaxy SII or galaxy note, tooooooo high a price for a phone

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